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Ok, so have you guys seen Remember Me?? I saw it in the theater...and i cried a bit at the end..but when i watched it yesterday when i bought it on DVD, i cried so much that my eyes actually went dry...:/ I loved the movie, it was purely amazing. It is probably one of my favorite movies of all time...So, if you have seen it, did you like it, did you cry? And for people who haven't seen it, do you want to? I think you should, it's worth the money :)

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Thanks for posting everyone! I watched it again today, and it just never gets old for me haha.
Got it from netflix; planning to watch it tonight for the first time.
I went to see it in theater's and i cryed so much i don't own it on dvd but i will soon. i think all rob fans should own it. And i relate to that little girl in the movie because of my brother and the things he does. I don't cry at all ether. I never do. I didn't cry when my parents split i didn't cry when my brother moved out but i cried when edward left and all the way through remember me. that is signs of a good emotional movie.
I cried hysterically.....not only because of the obvious.........but my mom's best friend unfortunately died in 9/11 so that made it so much worse.
I LOVED Remember me and did cry like a baby in theaters, but haven't watched it since it's release. I have just been so preoccupied with ECLIPSE!! But, he did fantastic in this movie- and I'm out to rent it now- :) Thanks!!
I saw it on dvd too and cried a lot but i thought it was just me because i'm lonely and depressed!!!!!!
and i think that Rob is tooooooooooo gorgeous for me to handle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't realize this movie was going to end the way it did. Nine eleven. I have watched it three times and plan on at least that many more before retuning it to netflex. I cried and cried.
i watched it 3 times i had a sleep over at my house yesterday and me and by bff watched it 2gether 4 da 4th time and she just wouldnt shut up she kept asking questions although she saw it i think she dd tht so she wouldnt cry but i cried soooo hard again and every1 laughed at me 4 every1 i mean both my sisters....
i love this freakin movie
Thanks for posting guys/girls! I watched it for the 6th or 7th time last night, and i used ALOT of tissues. I didn't think i was able to cry that much...
I hated to Love that movie b/c he died at the movie I cried until my eyes were sore I was so mad but loved the movie!
I loved this movie.....heartbreaking...thought Rob did a fantastic job....I cried and cried; the ending blew me away.....
i havent. is it a good movie?


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