The Twilight Saga

"Gandhi said in life what ever you do in life will be insignificant, but its very important that you do it

but i tend to agree with the frist part..."


please answer these questions :)


what do you think about this quote?


how did you react to the movie?


and what did you think about robs performance? 

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I completely agree with the quote because no one will truely remember what you did until after you are dead. Rob was amazing in this movie..his performance was perfect. I cried at the end of the movie I never expected it to end that way.
thanks for commenting:) and  i totally feel the SAME WAY!

I disagree with the quote. I have done something VERY significant.


The end was unexpected and I bawled like a baby.


I thought his perfomance was ok. I'd only seen him in TTS and HP before and this was very different. I didnt see him as Edward or Cedric but asTyler.

I loved the movie but I was also shocked at the end and I cried so hard. I thought Rob did a wonderful job in the movie.

i feel the exact same way! :)


I like the quote. It's saying, I think, that you shouldn't take life too seriously ("Whatever you do in life will be insignificant..."), but you shouldn't take it for granted, either ("...but it's very important that you do it."). Every little thing you do, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, can change the course of -- not just your life -- others' lives as well, and you'll never even know it; so it's important that you live your life anyway, and enjoy it, whether you understand the meaning of it or not.


And I loved the ending of the movie. I mean, it's sad, yes; but it sort of helps people grasp the emotional toll of 9/11. The ending came out of nowhere, because the event itself came out of nowhere. There were innocent people on those planes and in those buildings, and they had their own lives to live, their own families, their own stories...and then they didn't anymore, just like that. Very sad.


I also think Robert Pattinson did a great job. 

Question 1.


I think Ghandi is right, in the fact that in this vast world, we are just like little ants to the universe. So what we do doesn't mean a whole lot to the rest of the universe, however to the quality of our lives that we live and to others around us, it is important to do what we are to do. That is what keeps us learning, and that is important.


Question 2.


I loved 'Remeber Me'  It was not the type of movie where you can predict everything that is going to happen. It keeps you on your toes a bit, and that is something I like.  As for the ending, I was sad, but the purpose of the movie was for us to get to know these characters as people, and to relate to the reality of 9/11. It was the purpose for us not to forget about a huge event that has become life  changing on a personal level for those who lost family and friends in the buildings.  To take it to a more personal level emotionally.  To not forget those who lost their lives, and for those who were there to help rescue the victims.




I think Rob did an awesome job! He has grown as an actor quite a bit. I have seen a few of the other movies he's done before any of the Twilight series.  He is good at what he does, and is great at portraying his character, and igniting your emotion. I just really enjoyed seeing this other part of his acting. It is good for him.

I think the quote is correct!! Robert played an amazing role. I really loved the movie but was suprised by the ending.


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