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I watched this movie last night and I was wondering to those of you who saw it...what did u think about it? To me it was a very sad movie and it took a while to get going. It also didn't have much of a plot to me. The ending was also shocking.

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i loved this film, i saw the plot, him falling in love with her when he is only ment to be getting at her dad ect. i loved the bit with his sister getting bullied and all. I hated the ending because i didnt want him to die! lol but i was shocked when i reaised the date and where he was, i stoped breathing for like 2 seconds . it was an amazing movie, to me, and i want to see it again! xx
I just thought that it moved really slow.
And that over and over again he was fighting with his Dad and getting mad at him for not spending time with his sister. I did like the scene where he is in the class room with his sister and the little girl starts making fun of her. He grabs the desk and jerks it around and throws the fire ex. through the window. LOL
I liked it but it made me cry
it was a really good movie, and i am glad that Rob Pattinson choose to do something difficult than some classic teenage comedy or something like that... I think he is a great actor and his future is ahead. It was a realistic movie, with meaning and the end was absolutely shocking!!! For me too, when i realised the date and where he was i just started crying and couldn't stop. I will definetely see it again and i will recommend it to others.
I actually bought the movie a month ago and saw it not fully knowing the plot. I loved it.........EXCEPT THE ENDING OF COURSE. I loved Rob in the movie...I agree that I was glad to see him in a more adult role. It just shows how much he has to offer as a actor. He can go from teen heartthrobe to a more serious adult role. I am going to enjoy watching his future roles outside of Twilight Saga to see him grow. But I will ALWAYS REMEMBER HIM FOR HIS WORK IN THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!!!!! TEAM EDWARD IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do I like what?
That.. What u r talking abt here.. The movie...
Wht else i cud ask u abt wth out "remember me"..
I didn't know that you were asking me about that. Yea I liked it but it just took a while to get going for me.
I think it's a really good movie. Robert has done a great job again by playing Tyler and the story by itself is very nice. He is in the first place just trying to use her for getting to her dad, but when they fall in love it all becomes bigger and harder. I loved how he stood up for his sister and tried to speak sense into his father for not seeing her. The ending made me cry - ofcourse - because I really didn't expect that to happen. Love it and I absolutely want to add this one to my collection.


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