The Twilight Saga

I watched this movie last night and I was wondering to those of you who saw it...what did u think about it? To me it was a very sad movie and it took a while to get going. It also didn't have much of a plot to me. The ending was also shocking.

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i loved this movie once i got the plot lol i was really shocked once it got to the end when it all came together, it gave me goosebumps once i realised what was happening x
yah when i saw the date on the chalkboard i just got chills and i was like omg who died? and it shocked me about the ending... was so unexpected that I just cried unexpectedly
I did not care for Emilie.... I think she is all wrong for the movie. I really was shocked with the ending though with Robert... omg... was so unexpected that I cried. I am wondering if there is a book based on it. I liked the little sister too....

the only complaint I have is Emilie... she is all wrong for it. Sorry my opinion. :)


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