The Twilight Saga

Srry this kinda has nothing to do with Edward or Bella, but do u think that someone will make a series like The Twilight Saga and it will be about Renesmee and Jacob?

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I think they should. I would love to read it and see what goes on, I would read anything that has to do with the twilight saga. so someone should go for it.
I already started writing a story about Renesmee and Jacob! its sort of like twilight not really : ) P.S i would luv to post it sometime on one of those twilight fan art websites. : )
The only person who can make a series like Twilight with the characters Renesmee and Jacob is Stephanie Meyer since she owns the characters people could write fan fics about them but thats it unless Stephanie gives permision to someone else to write about them to publish the story. But I would love for Stephanie to write another book and talk more about Renesmee and Jacob and of course about Edward and Bella.


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