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Does anybody have any idea about who's playing Renesmee Cullen? If you do any pics?

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i'm agree with lovethecullens.
if my theory is right they'll start film breaking dawn in 2010. after eclipse is finished.
because just like they do with new moon immediately when they finish editing eclipse they'll start film breaking dawn.
if it's like they're doing it so far, eclipse is coming out to theaters on 2010.
and breaking dawn in 2011.
I just hope time goes by fasts for Braking Down to hit theaters. 2009 went by fast tho. lol
2009 DID go fast, didn't it?
I don't know but wont it have to be like a baby and a toddler she grows so fast!
i really want to see what she looks like. if she is as beautifulas they say in the books
Don't know yet. The Renesmee fanclub on this site has some cute pic's up but I don't know how old the little ones are now (like how dated the pic's are). Kids grow so fast. I'll put my babes up for Renesmee but my husband would think I've truely gone round the bend LOL.
I know a five year old who is the perfect match, i will post a pic as soon as possible. But no, they are not casting yet. She is so cute, but unfortunately she has N1F1, a bone disorder. :(


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