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Does anybody have any idea about who's playing Renesmee Cullen? If you do any pics?

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They don't have a Renesmee yet. They're not sure yet whether they're going to make Breaking Dawn or not. Sad but true. :(
NO HAVE NO CLUE??????????????
Said some might have to be computer generated to show rapid growth and such.. and YES THEY ARE MAKING BREAKING DAWN, R PATTINSON ADMITS ITS IN INTERVIEW, ITS SUPPOSED TO START FILMING IN FALL 2010!!!
I have no idea.
My friends and I think they just need to computer generate the baby using Rob and Kristen's physical characteristics, then have an actress's facial expressions's and voice CGed into it. It really is complicated thoughl
no idea!!!! im empty brains!!!! ha ha
No Idea Yet....
i think emma watosn. i could be wrong
how can any1 kno?? new moon hasn't even come out..
It has been confirmed that they will be filming Breaking Dawn starting in 2010
Rob said they should film Braking Down next fall. I cant believe we have to wait so long to see that movie. But oh well :(


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