The Twilight Saga


Eternal Light

Jacob and Renesmee's story

Chapter one


I opened my eyes slowly, completely aware of everything around me. The clock on my dresser tick-tocking as always the slight patter-patter of the rain on my window and my own heart beating furiously but gracefully against my chest.


I breathed quietly taking in the calm that was overwhelming out here in the forrest, where my home sat nestled in between trees and beautiful bushes of roses. Ofcourse it is'nt only my home.


My Grandma Esme built this house for my mother and father right before i was born. But we havent always lived here. When i was 3 yrs old which means i was about 9 physicly we had to move.Things were getting difficult. We were gone for 7 yrs.


Jake came with us ofcourse but we had to leave everything else. Im supposed to only be 10 yrs old but im actually a full grown woman. Who could pass for at the least a 16 yr old.


 Just across the river from the main house was Aunt Rosalie, Aunt Alice and Grandma Esme lived with their mates, Uncle Emmet, Uncle Jasper, and Grandpa Carlisle who all looked to young to be called Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, or Grandpa. I shook my head thinking of their beautiful unchanging faces and putting those words with them.


I sat up slowly and glacing over caught a glimpse of the calender." Ugghhh" I groaned and sunk back into the pillows pulling the blanket over my head as I went. "Well" i thought silently "Aunt Alice will no doubt be here in a few seconds any how, i might as well enjoy the run over there."


I sprung up and cautiously went to my closet.(Alice went shopping the other day and i had not been in any hurry to go and look what she got) I pulled the door back peeking in and got appalled at what i saw. My closet was even bigger than my parents and that was saying something.


Alice had to do renovations to get it this big. Grandma Esme was excited to do it and i just didnt have the heart to tell them no. So this is what i get, a 20" by 20" ft closet! Packed to the brink with clothes upon clothes upon clothes.


Im not saying i didnt like the clothes Aunt Alice has a great scense of style. It was just too much. Far far too much.Luckily Mom had taught me a trick that she frequently used while in her "Alice infested" closet.


 I inhaled deeply and caught the familar smell of denimn. I walked lightly to the drawer and wrenched it open..."Jeans..YES!". "But what shirt should i wear?" I asked myself thinking out loud. I might as well make Alice happy whith that one and i pulled on a blue lace top that hung limply down my torso. I went to the full lengthed mirror to see my outfit.


I looked remarkably like my father. His nose, his chin, the shape of his eyes were all mine as well even his cheekbones were set in exactly the same place and the color of our hair was the same.


But, anyone could find my mom in me too. Well anyone who knew her back when she was human. My eyes were a soft chocolate brown the color her eyes had been. But, now her eyes went from a golden honey to a deep oxeyn. Depending on the the last time we hunted.


And my curls belonged to my other Grandpa. Grandpa charlie. He visits from time to time and we visit him too. I remembered the first time i met my grandpa Charlie and laughed shakily. I was maybe two days old then. I am not supposed to remember that.


I pulled on my tennis shoes and quickly tied my shoe laces. I was getting anxious now. I walked lightly past my parents bedroom incase they were still in there and out of the door.


Thats when i started to run. I loved runnig. the feeling of freedom was so high it felt like nothing, no one could catch you. I was completely aware of the fact that i was half vampire and half human and that i shouldnt be able to run this fast. Thats another thing i inherited from my father. Running. I lept across the river and did a couple of flips while in the air. Landing on the balls of my feet I kept up my steady pace of running all the way into the house.


And then I stopped abruptly. "oh my gosh." i breathed shocked at what i was seeing.




Chapter two


"Happy Birthday!" chimed almost everyone except for Jake who was looking as if he was trying really hard not to burst into  laughter.


Everyone was their. Mom, Dad, Aunt Alice, Aunt Rose, Grandma Esme, Grandpa Carlisle, Uncle Japer and Uncle Emmett who was roaring with laughter quite loudly at no doubt my expression. " And its her first day of high school dont forget that!" Uncle Emmett barked.


I swallowed the lump in my throat that had appeared suddenly. My mom came up to me obviousliy seeing my nerves."It will be fine." she promised into my ear and hugged my lightly around my waist. "Ofcourse she'll be fine but we have to get moving. Nessie we made you a birthday breakfast!" Aunt Alice chimed excitedly.


'Human food ugghh how could they think i like that, ive told them a million times!' i grumbled in my head. I thought i saw the corners of my Dads lips turn up but it was gone as quikly as it came.


"Well thanks everyone but you know i dont like to eat human food." i insitsted.


"I told you guys she'd say that! shes just too stubborn!" Jaked said with a laugh winking at me.


I rolled my eyes to hide what i was really wanting to do. Did i imagine the affection i saw in his eyes. My heart started to beat even fatser than it should, pounding so hard i thought it might just pop out of my chest. And everyone could hear that.


"Renesmee are you okay?" my mom asked a worry line popping out of her forehead.


"yea..sure." i said. I looked up just in time to see my dad glance at my mom inquiringly. Ughh ofcourse he would go and tell mom what im thinking! I dont even know what im thinking!


" Im sure its just the nerves! everybody calm down!" Alice said exasperated.


"Yea the nerves..." i mumbled.


"Well if theres not gonna be any birthday breakfast, what else do you want to do for your birthday Nessie?' You still have an hour before school starts." Grandma Esme said in a questioningly voice coming over to me to hold my hand.


" Thanks really all of you but, id rather just get to school.' We can do the presants and all that stuff tonight right?" i asked them.


"Well if your like your mom youll probably try to get out of it." dad said with a crooked grin.


"I wasnt that bad at getting preasents!" She said a hint of annoyance in her voice. Everyone but me and mom started to laugh. "okay okay maybe i was." she admitted grinning sheepishly.


"I am like my mom.' i told them " but unlike her i have nothing against presants." "we've noticed" they all said in unison.


" Thanks...". I said while going around to give everyone a hug. I didnt mind touching anyone anymore.Now that i could controll what they see when i touch them and, or if they see anyhting. I reached Jake and this time did not tuch him with my palms. It got a little more difficult when i got nervous.

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have u got more rach lol
sure thing
This is really good!! keep writing for sure!!
Thanx bunches! <3
so here is chapter 3!

Chapter three

I pulled away too eager to continue and caught a glimpes of him staring at me questioningly before i was out the door and in my new Volvo C70 i had gotten the previus year. I loved everything about the car. The white glossy paint job the white leather seats and most definitely the 911 turbo engine. I couldnt use it in town but one day i would use it to drive across the country. I slid the keys into the ignition and sighed as i heard the familiar purr of the engine. Did I mention how much I loved this car? I revved my engine for Jakes benifit, honked the horn and sped down the curving lane to the road. I barely thought about where I was going but apart of me must have wanted to go there because before i knew it I was heading down a familiar street towards a small white house where a police cheif crusier sat aimlessly in the drive way.'guess hes not at work yet.' i thought inside my head, 'Might as well.' and with that i cut the engine and skipped lightly to the door. Charlie beat me to it. He opened the door and smiled wide his eyes crinkling. He always looked so young when he did that. He was wearing his police uniform so i figured he waould shortly be going to work."Hey grandpa!" I smiled widely even though i knew i would show my sharp teeth. "Hey there Nessie, what are you doing here?" he asked as he edged me into the house and on through the kitchen. The paper was abandoned on the table along with his breakfast of fried eggs and bacon. "I was on my way to school and just decided to make a visit." He pulled out a chair for me to sit down and notioned at the calender he had on his refidgerator. "You didnt think i would forget about your birthday did ya?""hmm a girl can hope right?" i sad under my breath. He looked up at me with a peculiar expression on his face and one eybrow raised. " 'course not grandpa." I said with my most enthusiastic voice i could manage. he laughed shook his head and bent down. When he straightened up he had a pale tan bag in his hand. The label said Barnes and Nobles. "I didnt know what to get you so i was looking around and i thought you might like this". he pulled out a thick book and handed it to me. I turned it over and read the title "Wuthering Hights." I mumbeled. "Yea your mom read it relentlessly when she was in highschool. You guys are alot alike so i thought, i just figured, well that you would...." his sentece trailed off from what was probably the expression on my face. I tried to compose it.His expression became worried and started to talk fast "But if you dont like it-" i cut him off "I love it Grandpa!" I said. I could hear the sincerity ring through every word i spoke. "Thanks so much! I mean it. Its perfect, I love it. I love you!" and i did love it. Maybe this book could give me some insight on my own love life. Charlie huffed and said gruffly "Well, your welcome. I love you too." as he dropped his plate into the sink. " Im glad you like it." And i could tell that he was. There was immense relief on his face. "Why, were you worried?" I asked teasingly. "Yea i was." "about what?" Charlie worrying about a preasent? "I thought i upset you when i said that your mom read the book in highschool." he admitted and looked down at his boots. "why would that upset me?" i was totally confused. "Well because i didnt even know your birth mom and I just didnt know if it would upset you or something." he finished in a rush of words and resumed examining his boots. You know what this is completely ridiculous! Im sick of pretening im not their kid! Im just gonna tell him a little anyway. It wont be a big deal. I thought. "Grandpa I have to tell you something." He looked up at me and i went to go stand beside him. "Youve always know that theres been something strange going on with us anyway havent you?" Hr gulped and nodded. "Well please try to keep an open mind but, Bella, you daughter is my biological mother she carried me. And Edward your son in law is my biological father. Anyone can tell i look exactly like him and i have my moms eyes and your curls how do you explain that?" he looked into my eyes and i knew what he was seeing his daugters eyes and his son in laws features copied eactly into mine. "Do you believe me?" He ran his hand through his curly hair and said "as much as it does not making any sense, I belive you. I mean i knew with Jake being a uhh a umm..."he seemed scared to say werewolf or as a proper term "shape shifter." "Dog?" i teased. It seemed to lighten the mood.he smiled and continued "well ya I knew you had to be a part of it as much as youre with him." "I would have always been apart of it Grandpa.Its not just because of Jake." he nodded and stole a galance at the clock. "You should be getting to school." he said sternly but as he did so he leaned in to hug me. I hugged him back fiercly. "see ya later Gramps." I mumbled against his chest and kissed him lightly on the cheek before turning on the spot and walking twrwards the door. "you know Nessie?" I turned and saw him leanig against the counter."What Granpa?" i asked softly. "Its not so bad.......knowing." I smiled winked and loped back to my car.
wow, keeps getting better and better!! keep up the good work!
i like chapter two, you should right more about Jacob and Nessies relationship! i love how emmett was roaring with laughter!
i will. Im building up the story! lol thanx
nice! LOVE IT!!!!
HEY WRITER! keep it up!
Thanx all of you!


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