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ok. Can Renesmee have kids? Shes half human and half vampire and Jake is a werewolve soooooooooo....... Can she? Edward and Bella had her so i think she wuld be able too. Dose anybody know if she can? or can somebody find out?.......

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i dont think she can because when she is 15 she will become full vampire forver frozen at 15
yh so she cant anyway i dont bella or edward will allow her do ya?
Her body will stop growing after 7 years so I think it will be impossible for her to have a child. And we still don't know if Renesmee would want Jacob to be her man as time pass.
i dont think so cuz her skin is like a rock just like a vampire and ur skin has to stech to have a kid so i think no
I don't think she can. She is half vampire, and once she reaches full maturity she will be frozen forever, just like the full vampires. And, Jacob is a whole other species. It wouldn't make sense, and the baby would be REALLY weird. Think of it like those Trigions (tiger/lion. yes, they have actually made them.) Femals are infertal, because their gene pool is incomplete.
but it wouldnt be 2 it will be three so wierd vampire/human/werewolf ?????????????????? yeah not a good idea
it wil be a vampanwolf...uhhh yeah thats all i can think of
i dont think she can cuz at age 7 she just stops growing so her body will stop changing
well, if u think about it, she can, but she cant. i mean, she grows until shes fully grown right? so, she can probably have kids until she stops aging, cuz then her body stays the same, like a vampire.
Its a very good question! My opinion is if she is half vampire and vimpire women can't have babies then she probably can't. Although I didn't expect a vampire and a human to have babies either... in the book though it does say when Jacob went to the park to look for someone to imprint on that they only imprint on someone who can make there line (werewolf) line better and stronger so if thats the case then yes she would be able to since the only reason they imprint is to make there line better... It would definatly be an indestructable child... fourth vampire fourth human and half werewolf!
good point
that is a really good point
i think if u bring all the facts together then they contrdict themselves so stphanie is trying to confuse us or something


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