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ok. Can Renesmee have kids? Shes half human and half vampire and Jake is a werewolve soooooooooo....... Can she? Edward and Bella had her so i think she wuld be able too. Dose anybody know if she can? or can somebody find out?.......

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I think she can because Edward was a full vampire. And he helped Bella have Reneesmee. Good Question.
I believe she can. She hasn't really frozen in time like edward, Alice, Rose and bella are. I am pretty sure she can. Contact steph she will be able to tell u for sure. But she may not either. Don't know but I do believe the nessie can.
i really don't know mabye!!! legends Dhampirs (half-human, half-vampire creatures) are fertile and can reproduce. But they can only do it with other Dhampirs. So even if Renesmee is fertile and is capable of having a child, she wouldn't be able to do it with Jacob, but she could with Nahuel, who is a Dhampir too.

But there haven't been any stories or legends that involve a Dhampir with a werewolf (or shape-shifter), and the Twilight world's mythical creatures are slightly different than the traditional ones, so I would think the only way to know for sure is through SM herself. :D
not sure but probably not
i think she can!!!!!


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