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Do you think they could or should be together?

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I think Renesmee should stick with Jacob.  After all, he imprinted on her.  As for Nahuel, he could live, almost, as just another human being.

Yes, I think she would be happy with Nahuel. They both belong together.

Jacob would be happy anyway... so far he would be near to Renesmee.

That should not happen!!!

Renesmee belongs with Jacob.  This was that connection with Bella.  With Nahuel there would not be that connection.  And let's face it.  That's the only way for it to work out for Jacob so he wouldn't be be jealous of Edward any more.

And what? Who says that she belongs with Jacob like his girlfriend. Maybe she belongs with him like his sister.

But Jacob and Renesmee aren't related.  So she can't be his sister. This is that connection that Jake has with Bella. She is Bella's daughter, and Jacob's mate.  Jake and Bella could never be together because of Bella's love with Edward but now Jake and Bella can have that connection because they both love Renesmee.

I think Elita meant a metaphorical sister and Renesmee is not Jacobs mate!

he imprinted on her but that does not mean that they share a romantic bond or attachment for each other.

as Jacob said " you would do anything, be anything she needed. a friend, a lover, a protector."

I'm sure Quil does not want to marry Claire so Jacob does not need to love Renesmee that way.

like bella said in eclipse " I love you but I'm not in love with you"

the relation ship could very well be like the one between Jacob and bella.

Nessie could be with who ever the deemed fit.

besides, she would more be more suited to nahuel, she is his species and he only has his sisters

Julia has a point.  Renesmee can choose whether to be with Jacob or not.  We'll just have to wait and see if Stephanie writes a book about it.  I'm hoping she does.  That way we'll know for sure what happens between the two.

I'd love any kind of spin off or novella

This is correct. Jacob could very well just be a protector for Renesmee, because at the time of her birth that is exactly what she needed, a protector.

I got the feeling from Breaking Dawn that there is a definite possibility that Renesmee could choose Nahuel as a mate. He is beautiful after all. I think, for Renesemee, she will have a brotherly bond for Jacob or maybe even and uncle type bond for him, because he has been there watching her grow from day one, as a babysitter, as a friend. Personally, I can't see romance developing between them because of that.

That is true, but let's not forget the vision that Alice had at the end of BD 2.  She did see them together at La Push.  Although we couldn't really tell her feelings even though she had her head on his shoulder.  Hmmm...

Hi Nell,

To tell you the truth, Alice's visions always kind of confused me. I never quite understood how she could see Bella's future because of Bella's shield. No one else could penetrate it with their powers, not Jane, or Edward ect.. Then in BD, Alice said she couldn't see Renesemee's future because she was more like the wolves in that regard, and that was why she had to go in search for Nahuel in the first place. So I don't understand how she could have a vision of Jacob and Nessie in La Push together?

That being said, I can't remember that vision exactly. Can you direct me to the pages in BD where that vision is written. I would like to see if they explain how she could now see Jacob and Renesemee?


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