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Do you think they could or should be together?

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What you're saying makes a lot of sense.  Alice could see Bella's future.  remember that Jasper could influence Bella too with his gift.  But Alice couldn't see Renesmee or Jacob so that vision could not have been right.  Alice's vision was in the movie but not in the book. I guess the producer's thought it would make a good scene.

I don't remember the vision being in the book.  I think the makers of BD added it for the audience, especially since there were no plans of making anymore Twilights.  I see what you're saying when it comes to Alice.

Nell- Right. They needed to get the gist of Jacob and Renesemee's possible future relationship out to the audience who hadn't read the books and may not have fully understood the imprint factor, and that was the most logical way to do it.

I do not think it is the best idea to make such changes. Moviemakers did lost all logic by changing Alices gift. All New Moon events could not exist if Alice would see Jacob.

So vision with Renesmee&Jacob is a very lame scene without any credibility.

Also Alice didn't see Bella's 18th birthday party disaster.  How could she not?

Lol, I've wondered that myself at times :-)


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