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   Do you think that Renesmee really looked like Edward and Bella's child? Why or Why not?

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  I think that Renesmee doesnt look like Edward and Bella's child. I think this because there child should have darker hair and should look more like Bella!

of course shes their child she looks like both of course

I think that Renesmee does look like Edward and Bella's child.

Yes.  Renesmee had wavy auburn hair like Edward and chocolate brown eyes like Bella.  Charlie comments that she looks like Bella.  This is according to the books.

In the movie, that little girl could have very well been Rob and Kristen's child.  Looked like both of them in some ways.

yes, I think she look like Edward and Bella bcos in tthe aspect like the hair, eyes...

I thought she looked just like both of them. I thought they did a very good job in finding her.

I think she looked like them too. She had Bella's eyes and everything. They hair was dark like Edward's too. 

i don't think so. both Edward and Bella dress in simple clothes. but Renesmee seems to be a diva or something. and moreover she looked like a scenery. very unreal. so i vote no!

That's because Alice and Rosalie adored her so much, Alice did everything she could to make Renesmee look like a queen or something along that line because she wanted her to be a lot more stylish, I mean look at Bella's closet! Alice stocked the thing so Bella would have everything to choose that she considered stylish. Rosalie on the other hand, loved Renesmee so much since she is Bella's child and wished that she had her own so much,  Rosalie treated her as her daughter, but I think that Alice did everything clothing wise. Remember, in Breaking Dawn, Alice and Rosalie did dress Renesmee in all these different outfits for the photos for her "baby album" to go on for all the time Renesmee had been growing through her baby months so fast, even though it was only days.


sorry I type a lot!

yes i do they picked the perfect child. look at her she has bellas brown eyes ,hair and lips and she has edwards face structure and ears.if r.pat and k.stew have a babygirl shell look like makenzie foy

She has edward full lips according to the wikia.

she is not so beautiful like her parents


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