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OMG rob and kristen are engaged!! GEEZ it's a little early
What do you think?

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Are they engaged?
If they are.. I'm happy for that!!
But I think They are very youngs.. Kristen is 19 years old!
If they are happy together. Why not. They're just normal people like every one of us, and that's how it goes in life
I agree with you! But Kristen is really young
where did you hear that?
I've been hearing that since july...

If they are, i'm happy for them.
Hahaha! of course not! that's silly.....
exactly :D
same !!! XD XD
yeah... i heard Robert said it was just a joke, because he likes to do it. he don't care...
btw i think he's right... there are rumours... he can make another one... why not? :D
Hmmm...they are just rumors. Not true. :P
True to That.
Kristen hates all the rumors about her n' Robert.
The tabloids are just selling magazines.
It's 99% FALSE and 1% TRUE...
they are the most perfect couple
i love the idea if they really are engaged


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