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OMG rob and kristen are engaged!! GEEZ it's a little early
What do you think?

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dude. thats just really really stupid rumours
they are not engaged for goodness sake
and omg seariously guys why would u be happy if they were (although they are not)
thy beta not blow our bobble of a wonderful future of bella nd edward
perfect couple
yes their engaged i saw it in a magazine front cover and im new in this group send my request. TWILIGHT♥
do you remember the name of that magazine?
i think it was ok magazine
her is the article:
really?OMG!that was soon.
No. Their not engaged. They even said in a different article. The magazine just said that to sell copies.
i don't believe rob and kristen are engaged kristen is well young
Thank you! Finally someone agrees!
I don't think it's true, but if it is, good luck to them, I wish them well and much love. xx
Kristen was seen with her on/off boyfriend recently he flew to vancouver!!! so i really doubt its true!!


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