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OMG rob and kristen are engaged!! GEEZ it's a little early
What do you think?

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i agree i dont think they are engaged. dating but not engaged
they r not engaged -.-'
I think that rob n kris can start dating AFTER breaking dawn .. (aa'
wow people love to lie, dont they!?
Ah who cares if they like each other and want to get married they dont have to answer to no one except for themselves. If they are congrats.
gd luck form them .
Really I don't belive that
My friend told me that they were seeing each other but not engaged
if they are i am so happy they are such a cute couple and right for each other it doesn't matter if they're young once they love each other thats wat matters i can't wait for trhem to get married.
I wont believe it until I hear it from Roberts or Kristens own mouth. But if they were I think they should wait I mean Kristen is only 19 she still is so young and Robert is to young to but I do believe there a cute couple but its to soon for marriage if its true that there getting married witch I really doubt it.
ITS A LOT EARLY!!! 2 seconds ago they were hating each other and now this!!?!
there not engaged...i agree there still young...i would most likely be screaming if they were...but of course id be happy for them
Young has nothing to do with it. I know people who married young and are still together. Age is realitve its the commitment to stay together. why does everyone care wheather they are enganged?


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