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IS this true?!?! i had nooo freakin idea, a friend just told me today that Rob and Kristen had gotten married. When did this happen??? i knew that they were together but i had no idea they took it to that level... is anyone else as confused as i am right now?

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I haven't herd that they got married.
I didn't hear anything like that.
yea, maybe they were confused. but she's a twi-fan too.. which is why i kinda believed her. maybe she gott confused with edward and bella.. idk
I didn't know they were even going out...when did they announce that they were dating...?
oh they've been going out definitely for a while, a few months maybe?
really? where did they say it?
They didn't officially say it.
oh, okay thanks Lisa :)
let me check
is that true? i haven't heard anything about it...
no.. i dont think Robert and Kristen are married. it was just a misunderstanding
i don't think anyone knows for sure that they are together. there is pics out with them wearing wedding bands but it is for BD


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