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IS this true?!?! i had nooo freakin idea, a friend just told me today that Rob and Kristen had gotten married. When did this happen??? i knew that they were together but i had no idea they took it to that level... is anyone else as confused as i am right now?

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Rob said to Kristen "Get married or break up" and so yeah.. they're engaged. They said so themselves.
what seriously??? where can i find that for myself???
i don't know, it said so on the news, and i think they said so themselves... i could be wrong.. i'm not sure.
so sorry. they haven't told anyone if they are together or not. speculation of fans and media who wants to sell papers
hun, someone is pulling your leg on that
Oh, really? How do you know them?
oh cool :)
where did you get this from?
Breaking Dawn Wedding is what she thinking about.
i'm pretty sure they announced it at someplace...
so some really got confused... it's just on BD
if they do get together and do at one time or another get married, more power to them. i would want to keep it quite and not telling people. i would say one thing and another would be true just to get the person to leave me alone. they have been having on magazines about them wearing wedding rings for BD when in LA Only Rob and Kris know if they are together or not. some of the pics i have would suggest something, but not going to enterfer with their private life.


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