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IS this true?!?! i had nooo freakin idea, a friend just told me today that Rob and Kristen had gotten married. When did this happen??? i knew that they were together but i had no idea they took it to that level... is anyone else as confused as i am right now?

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Exactly, i totally agree with you. The media is more into them than they are into each other, its ridiculous. But i personally think they ARE together, as boyfriend and girlfriend. But the whole marriage thing is Edward and Bella. Not Rob and Kristen.
[[laughs]] wait, why r u crying?

Ok so i heard they were together but broke up nothing bout being married But were they ever together?


Who knows she might just be pullin our legs.

You are such a dumbass for believeing your friend. Why would they get married? Escapcallity when they are still in the publics eyes of every body anstion!! Maybe in a few years!!!!

That was really rude....

Agree was not very nice.
Hey, if anyone is worried that rob n kristen r married or anything like that, it's not true. They both joke about stuff like that. Rob, has a bad habit of joking about that kind of stuff with him n kristen. They r both very much single, n enjoying the single life. Neither have any intention of hooking up with anyone atm. They r both way too busy to think about stuff like that. I mean, their movie career's have only just taken off. They both have incredibly busy schedule's right now with their movies.  Kristen with hers, n Rob, has at least 2 movies going atm. I doubt either of them will b walking down the aisle any time soon, at least in the next 3-5yrs, anyway. They have both said, they are way too young. So, for now, nothing to panic about.
that's the way I feel!
On a article about kris and rob, it said that kris was wondering if they would ever have a scene in bd where they were not kissing. she hated ever scene being them kissing and would have rather the kissing been minimal. i read and she said on tmz. but you know these things. don't believe everything you hear or read. I seen him in cananda and kris was nowhere to be seen. if they were dating she would have been there.
I wish that people would chill, if thay what to tell the world that thay are more power to them,love is not over night I would hope thay think about it thay are so young! thay know whats in there hearts
I think people think they are married because of these two picscouldn't find the second one i wanted to put up. But i think this pic right here is the reason people think they are married


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