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I get really pi***d off with some people on here slating Rob. Like saying he's dirty and smelly, ugly etc....
I feel like i have to sit here and defend the guy on a daily basis! Yes i don't know him but i can see what a nice guy he is and how the press can print such obviously made-up stories about him. Well i can say that i 100% love him, love everthing about him so this discussion is just for people to talk about him...what they like about him and stuff.
If you do not like him...don't write on my page because i can't stand haters!

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there is one person on here that just goes on every rob discussion and says horrible things about him. Grr it really annoys me. What is the point.....seriously?
whose this person?i think i know who you talking about Jess..just want to double check.
i can't remember the sure i'll hear them again tho, unfortunately! And i will be giving them a piece of my mind lol
I don't understand it, why would people enter 'Group Edward' when they hate him?
It's annoying for the fans to hear those hater-messages all the time, if you have any issues,
just don't join the group! For all those who love Rob, I totally agree with you guys because
he is one incredible guy and he may be shy but he deserves the full attention of the fans -
I mean the positive attention! - because he has done an amazing job in twilight and I'm sure
that we will hear a lot of him from now on. I'm a big fan of everything he does and he doesn't
deserve these negative comments! Rob, you rock!
Those haters are jealous because he is out there living the high life & they are stuck with lives that make them boring in comparison. And they shouldn't believe everything in the media they bend the truth to make it news how pathetic. LEAVE ROB ALONE!!!!
yeah your right

if they are team edward or eben if theyr not team edward they dont have to be saying that things about him

and ill do everything to defend him

stupid haters!!!!!!!!!!!!
i swear if i hear 1 more person say a bad thing about him ill scream
they r soo blind nd imature
i love him sooo much
you are soooo right. everyone is always saying, "Oh, he's an Actor so he must be full of himself and snobby," and I am Like, "No he's not!" because...only an idiot couldn't see how nice a guy he is. <3 I absolutely Love him and anyone who can HONESTLY say they don't has got to have SERIOUS mental problems. x.
we as Robert die-hard fans,we are genius because we can see the good about him and turn the negative to positive out of him but guess what there is nothing negative about him..!they are not only jealous but they are evil living inside human body..!they really pissed me off..!
I agree with you


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