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I get really pi***d off with some people on here slating Rob. Like saying he's dirty and smelly, ugly etc....
I feel like i have to sit here and defend the guy on a daily basis! Yes i don't know him but i can see what a nice guy he is and how the press can print such obviously made-up stories about him. Well i can say that i 100% love him, love everthing about him so this discussion is just for people to talk about him...what they like about him and stuff.
If you do not like him...don't write on my page because i can't stand haters!

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I'll back you up on this topic ;)
I ADORE Robbert Pattinson! So do all of my friends and basically all of the girls in my school too!
no body could be edward juste rob could do it
totally agree with this one i think he is perfect in the role..
i agree too. :) i cant think of another actor that will be better
I am really so annoyed whenever they talk about Rob that he is not a perfect role for Edward, that he is just a kid, ... sheeshh.. can't stand it!! I really write a comment also just to defend that guy..

If you twi haters hate the twilight or rob so much, why do you need to say your comment! we don't need your opinion..
i can't live without Robert Pattinson..i also don't understand the reason why some people's hate him.He doesn't do anything wrong to them and yet they call,hate,swore,critics him just like that..He is just a human being and he is not perfect.stupid haters.i just really don't like to hate other human but when it come to Rob,it is really annoying!when we try to defends him which i always do,the haters said'please act like more than 8th years old'..what a stupid remarks..if just to love him is a 8th years old behaviour then i am proud to be 8th.At least i don't hates people,swore to innocent people like Rob.To the haters,if you want to hate him,just go and hate him and you all haters know what:

WE LOVE HIM AS HE IS...urghhh i just hate to say this but "back off haters of Rob"as much as you hate him,me personally hates all of you forever..what you all haters had say to him is unforgivable,how i hope all of the haters will just vanisshed from this earth and leave our Rob alone with his world..
i completely agree with you! I couldnt have put it better myself x x x and for the people that dont like him, well they are just jealous of him, and dont have anything better to do than slate him. Thet need to get a life! x x
i do love him im crazy about him hes like a god
I love Rob Pattinson! He's artistic and eccentric, mabye a little grunge at times, but not Dirty!! Oh... and i forgot to mention Absolutely Gorgeous!! Honestly I'm a little obsessed myself, but how can I help it, He's perfect in his own way! I love him!
he is grunge.those haters are stupid..they are blind..they only want to see the bad of him not even try to see the good of haters should be in this twilight site and for sure this discussion!they will not gonna understand every words we saying here..unreasonable people.!


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