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ok so we're all on team edward but are we really on team rob???

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is a 2 packet thing , we know his character edward from the books and we are found of his him, but about rob we don't know enything else accept what we read in scandal magazine and i don't belive that s...t ,but we care about him even we don't know much, so yes we are team rob also
Yeah...his hair totally melts me away.....
Of course I'm team Rob too,I can't imagine another Edward,and he is a big actor,and beautiful too,I like him.
Rob is cute. Edward is godamned gorgeous and hot. See, Rob's just riding on Edward's appeal, but good for him. For one thing, the kid is type-casted for life!
Nahh I love edward and i think he does very well as edward but rob pattinson not dressed as edward. not really
I'm totally on team Rob. yes, Edward is a character but I do love Rob in that he is sweet, smiles, and keeps things real. He is not out to impress anyone is quite humble. I love that.
I agree. I'm totally for team rob becuase we are all in love with edward the character but its robs, good looks, great smile, shy boy personality and his ability to portray edward while remaining so humble is what really makes us love him outside of the movie.
rob happens to be a very good Edward and i couldnt imagine anyone else playing him. i am on team rob but i am more team edward. if it werent for edward rob would just be another actor. i read the books first before seeing the films so i totally have fallen in love with Edward Cullen, i dont care for much what rob is like as a person all i know about him is that he is drop dead gorgeous and he plays Edward to a T , its Edward who i know everything about and is the reason i am here not rob
yes Yes YES!!!! 20000% yes!
Yes! Though I liked Rob before Edward, having him play my favorite hot vampire is just the icing for me.
I like Rob, and I love his music, such an unusual and compelling voice!
I love the character of Edward in the books and it is that character that makes Rob attractive to me.
I didn't fancy Rob at all before Twilight, and I only like the pics of him as Edward.

So I am Team Edward (yay) and a fan of Rob but not Team Rob.

Make sense??
Yup, makes perfect sense :-)


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