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Hey does anyone know about that whole "Rob and Kristen" relationship thing? I mean I've seen pictures of them together, but that doesn't really prove anything since it was at Twilight/New Moon things. What's going on with them?

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No, I don't know if it's true or not, if they are dating, and I really don't care.
i don't - normally - either, but i got confused with the REMEMBER ME and stuff
Why is that?
idk just cuz they were together for the REMEMBER ME reunions and stuff
You took the words right out of my mouth on this one!
It's official that Rob and Kristen are an item! Rob admitted to their relationship to more than a few magazines and websites.
No I am positive it wasn't the Sun that I read this from. You can read this article from the website below (be patient what you need to know is at the bottom). =)
he admitted it at the baftas!! that they are a couple!!
I watched a video on you tube and in it it said that he admitted they were a couple
or that they're really awesome friends. =) i have a couple guy friends that i hang out with like that but we're not together or anything.
Yes, it is true. And had been true I believe for more than a week now.


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