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Hello My fellow twilighters or in this case rob-lighters/ Edward fanaticos (fanatics) how's it been? Why am I writing this discussion, I have no idea whatsoever. Wait yes, is anyone going to see what for elephant? Have you guy's been constantly drooling over Edward/Robert? I know I have! As you can see I ran out of question to ask so let's talk about Robert pattinson adorable smirk in twilight when he's at the cafeteria talking to kristen... ah the old times. Kind of makes me want to read and watch twilight again? Has anyone actually watched the movies recently, if so which one?

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Sorry water for elephants.
Very understandable. I at one point was going to buy the book ( the original not with Robert pattinson on the cover) but didn't. Even after it being pointed out several by my brother (he five not though I will watch the movie. It seems like a interesting story and you have rob in it... come on, that's a bonus.

LOVE THE SMIRK!  That beloved lop-sided smile of Rob's.  Oh yea!  Bring it!


I did something strange. . .I watched all three movies last opposite order.  Very interesting.   And I agree.  I've been thinking of reading all the books again to gear up for November.  Everytime I read them I always catch something new anyway.  Wonder what I'll catch on to this time?


Don't know if I'll see Water for Elephants.  I did like Remember Me. 

Me too! I been trying to read them but I'm just to lazy. Cool so you didn't see them in order. I never done. As for remember me... I love that movie! Such a tear jerker though.
i watched the 4th harry potter with him in it and Vampires Suck which is a twilight parody. but i truthfully havent read or wacthed the real twilight
is that vampires suck out on blue ray or even available to rent
i watched the vampire sucks on tv thru directv and i regretted renting it. Couldn't stand it. Sure funny in some spots but otherwise stupid
I just recently re watched twilight cause i was told that he tells bella for the first time that he loves her. Well if you don't read lips or pay attention to close it is easy to miss. I also watched eclipse. i will deffinetly be watching water for elephants. Supposivly he is the guy that falls for the ring masters wife. I have so many different poses of Rob that it isn't funny. i have one that if his britches would have been just a little bit looser then it would have showed something he probably didn't want seen. Boy I can look at the pic or even pics of edward all day. watched new moon but after he left forks unless it was a ghost of him i fastforward to where bella saves him.
I have had 3 days of work so I have indulged my self with all 3 of the Twilight films 1 per night and listened to the cd's during the day whilst being in the garden and loved every minute of it and in he car i am listening to the audio books..... 3 days of my kind of heaven ...bliss
Hi Roket! well I watched Twilight, they were passing it on the TV so it's nice, I've actually watched on that channel for 3 times already :) so I'm happy, thought the voices were in Spanish, so not so good, because it doesn't transmit the uniqueness of Edward and the other characters, but just to watch it again, makes me want to watch NM and Eclipse again, I so cannot wait for BD to come!!
I have read and watched twilights books that I can almost tell you word for word what it says. I keep reading it and watching.
if you look real close and can read lips before alice, jasper and bella leave, Edward tells her that he loves her. Before she could answer back jasper sped out of there. I had to rewatch the scene a few times and then i was able to catch it. have to be able to read lips though or pay close attn.


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