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What do you guys think??? I'm 19 so I'm all in lol & I honestly don't think that if it is rated R that it will be all that bad. *Shrugs*

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I know those of us over 19 won't mind but have heard and read that the directoris instance that it will be pg-13. If it went otherwise it would not be for all the younger fans. The drictor says that it will be decent but not leave anything out either. The love scenes will be undersheets and won't see any board biting but also will get to see essie born but it will possibley be a little close to a thin line

Yea that's true. I think most of the younger fans parents would take them to go see it.
As I've said, to stay even close to being true to the book, it will take a lot of shooting through cheeze cloth and other cinamatic trickery to include some of the love, pregnancy and birth scenes! Even Bella's drinking "cups of blood" scenes will cause at least a PG-13 unless the audience only see's the ceramic cup and none of the liquid (Bells can be sucking up Pepsi for all we'll know in the movie and just calling it blood)! I wish the director all the best of luck in keeping it to just a PG-13, but the book itself would seem to force an R rating if it is followed closely (eventhough I totally love the story and the book, having gone through it five times now)! 
Yea it will be a tough one for the director. I just want the best results for the movie no matter what the rating is.
This is true.

Really wow Rated R is 15 that's too cool over there hon Good for you!


I am in the U.K and I think rared R is an 18 but I am not 100%
Whatever I'm 23. But for me it shouldn't be Rated R since Twilight Saga is written for Young Adults and for the record girls ages 12-17 gives life the most of it in both the books and the movies, they should give some spirit of fairness in BD i feel for those young girls who heartily follows Bella and the Cullens.
Its Onlii R rated because Edward Cullen aka Spunk Ransom Is showing his sexiness
to be honest why would it be rated r because the last 3 have been 12 so i think it will stay like that or maybe at least 14 up because of the sex scenes and the pregnant ones but i dont think it will be higher than 12 maybe 14
I guess we will just have to wait and see but this movie is going to be EPIC!
there are several scenes that have been a little to mature for those under 18. Makes me kinda hope that in theaters that they make it 13 but r on blue ray for the older ones of us that love twilight as much as the young teens do


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