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What do you guys think??? I'm 19 so I'm all in lol & I honestly don't think that if it is rated R that it will be all that bad. *Shrugs*

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I think the books (including BD) are ok for 13yr olds, i've let my young teens read it.  I think that the lovemaking bits are well written and leave a lot to the imagination, you get the image but its not too graphic.  Hopefully  for the younger fans the Director will have worked hard on whats involved in the scenes with them in mind.  I think that the other films, especially New Moon, have been made in such a way that you almost feel an aura around the relationship of Bella and Edward, they dont have to be graphic to give the feeling of the intense love and longing they have for each other, I think that if they keep that feeling and keep the film true to the book you dont have to see anything too graphic, and as for the birth scene, if its like the book then its seen from Jacobs point of view, then he just hears/gets a glimpse of what Edward is doing so that should be ok too.
I believe the best solution is to make a PG 13 version but have an R rates version on DVD & Blue ray.
well if they make 2 movies my kids will see both anyway, its them that made me aware of the books before the films came out, they've followed them all the way and as long as the movie isnt 'blue' then they have my permission to watch it
Exactly. It's up to the younger fan's parents weather or nor they want their kids to see the R rated version.
In the uk there more relaxed but the drity stuff it will portably a 15 because R rated films are ether a 15 or 18 Depending on the amount of gore violence ect I'm 15 so it will be I would be able to go put I can't see them having it as a 18 as the over two where 12a it would lose summit an awful amount money as most of my friends and people are planing on seeing it a lest twice
would love for it to be r but reading from the directors interviews and reading from the twilight sight they are going to keep it the same as the first three. they will come closs to crossing that line but it won't. hope that what is deleted out and would make it r is put on blue ray in deleted scenes or the option of directors cut so that it will be what it should have been which is r. May give give people a choice on if they want movie release or directors cut.


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