The Twilight Saga

ROBERT PATTINSON & KRISTEN STEWART KISSING SCANDEL. A happy hollywood couple. (: Picture's availiable.


Okay, everyone knew there was a romance there. No one knew it could be like this!  Whitnesses say they couldn't keep there hands off eachother! Kristen visted him on the set of his knew movie in Canada. & they were inseprable. & according too friends of the love birds, there a full on couple. (:





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this is so awesome!!!i was really hoping that they'd end up sweet...
what do i have to say about this? AWESOME!!!! they are perfect for eachother.... :)
Toni lol i knew u would love it, u have been saying for a long time u know body language and they r 2gether
LOL... of course! ;) I am not trying to rub it in LOL... but I am sort of bursting in my own body with this knowledge LOL
good for them. they deserve to be happy.
im happy for them -well kinda-see i have thing for the hot Robbert Pattinson.
now im grieving.
she took my man.
im kidding guys though i do have a thing for robert-edward.not robert but robert edward
does that make sence?
anyway yh you go girl kirstern
Hey Bella!! You have a thing for Robward. I understand. LOL That's the same way I am.
I just love seeing them so happy and seeing him so relaxed finally. I do have one correction to make to what you said though. It's her movie that is being filmed up in Canada, not his. He was visiting her on the set of her new movie, "On the Road." Rob just got done filming Water For Elephants and is now just waiting for BD to start filming.
oh thanks! I thought I put that, typo!
You're welcome. I wasn't sure if it was a typo or what, so I thought I would just let you know. Glad you offended that I corrected you. :-))
They are so gorgeous together and they look so happy. I truly hope they have fun and just enjoy their relationship and each other. Kinda envy Kristen right now - but hey she's a lucky girl - to kiss those delectable Rob/Edward lips - i would give anything :-)


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