The Twilight Saga

ROBERT PATTINSON & KRISTEN STEWART KISSING SCANDEL. A happy hollywood couple. (: Picture's availiable.


Okay, everyone knew there was a romance there. No one knew it could be like this!  Whitnesses say they couldn't keep there hands off eachother! Kristen visted him on the set of his knew movie in Canada. & they were inseprable. & according too friends of the love birds, there a full on couple. (:





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Yeah, they are both back in LA or at least they were the last I knew. They just might be done filming in Montreal and are continuing in LA in a studio somewhere.
That's not a kiss, its a hug. Im not against them being together or anything but there was or is no lip contact. why would they wanna cum out now?
good im well happy they r togerther i think they r good for each other and they get on propa well.agood match.GOOD LUCK TO THEM I SAY......
I don't understand why they don't just admit it now either. Denying it is just getting pointless now that all these pics of them getting all cuddly together and kissing in public have been released.
one word.... : PAPARAZZI!!!!
why cant people just leve them alown they want to be alown just leave them
They look SO CUTE together!!


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