The Twilight Saga

Hahaha I love Rob. He is hilarious. Enjoy. 

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"It's been, like, your entire life doing these movies, right?"

"It is, yeah... I don't know who I am anymore." 


He was on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other day, too, and he was just adorable (of course, when isn't he?). Thanks for posting! :]

You're welcome :)
Haha I love when rob goes to the Ellen show. Both are so funny and entertaining to watch.
I know right! I was laughing the entire time.
No I don't blame them. Like Kristen said, if they say yes to them dating or no to them dating people aren't going yo leave them alone.
I'd LOVE to listen to him sing I Believe I Can Fly. :P He's so funny!!! <3
I was thinking the same thing. I think if I was just to hang out with Rob, he would have me laughing the entire time. Rob is great.
I am so glad that Ellen didn't ask him about his personal life like everyone thought she would. Guess what!!!!It's none of our business
This is true. Even though I really want Kristen and Rob to be a couple, it's none of my business.
So funny.
he is adorable! they make me laugh too


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