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Hey everyone, I went mad with joy when I learnt that Madame Tussauds is adding a wax figure of Robert, or Edward ! But then I saw the pics of the statue, and I got all upset coz it doesnt look at all like Rob! His best features have all been messed up--the heart-stopping smile, the eyes and most of all the to-die-for jawline! They've made him look years older. I wish they'd do more justice to his heavenly appearance! What do you all think? Plz tell me!

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yeah the artist is going to have a work really hard to get it to look good, rob has an interesting face, in some pics he looks super hansome and in others, quite ugly, in my opinion, so not sure what the wax figure will turn out like.
Yes Theresa, you are right. Now that I think of it...yes, sometimes he really doesn't look good... but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
i think the same!!!!
yeah, I know... me and my best friend almost swoon everytime we see it........... He would make the most tempting, seductive vampire in real life, don't you think? lolzzzz
defo :P

i dont care what it turns out like (well i obvs do but yeahh) im defo going down there when hes done :P xx
god, this is deffinetly not Robert or Edward. I would newer recognise him in that figure. They should totally redo it. It is awful
yes, u're right! lol... i really wish they would redo it, man.
umm ya ur right !
i agree with u julija cullen !
Why are his eyes so small........? I think it might be Rob.


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