The Twilight Saga

It was Hilar!!! I loved it...I've watched it twice already! Kristen's laugh is soo cute & I love how both of them were defending their characters it was really funny. Rob is truly hilarious.

What did you guys think about it?   

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Totally agree. And for both parts of BD, too. :D

If they care about my sanity they will! Lol.

I will Love it If I cud C... :'(
Rob made me laugh like crazy. He said the most awkward of thing that I found them cute. Lol. But that was probably the funniest commentary I ever heard.

It seriously was. Kristen & Rob are freaking amazing!

Hahaha. I use to do that when I was younger all the time lol.

Probably lol. Your mom probably knew that you would go looking for it.

i think my fave is when bella is leaning on jacob(wolf)during the training and edward comes and rob just says "yeah walk away" i was seriously cracking up he is like just soo hilarious and the way he said hey booboo i couldnt stop laughing they crack me up soo much *sigh* i love em =D

Hahaha I was cracking up when he said that part too.

I know right! It was so funny :D Seriously, Imma go watch it again! -runs to the dvd player-


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