The Twilight Saga

It was Hilar!!! I loved it...I've watched it twice already! Kristen's laugh is soo cute & I love how both of them were defending their characters it was really funny. Rob is truly hilarious.

What did you guys think about it?   

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I LOVED IT!!! They were so freaking cute! It was so funny and I agree I thought it was so cute how they were defending there characters!!!!
I know right. They were adorable. & on the proposal part Kristen was all like awe I cant take it lol.
It was the best commentary ever! ...I shouldn't have watched it late at night, because all my giggling got me in trouble. But it was so worth it. Rob and Kristen are always hilarious together. I do love how they were defending their characters without really taking it too seriously, and then, even though he was defending Edward through most of the movie, at the end Rob's like "God, what is Edward on about half the time." lol There are so many good moments. I hope they do a commentary on Breaking Dawn (I missed them with New Moon).

...This commentary also made me want to go around randomly saying "chipotle".
Hahaha I know they we're amazing. I love the part when they were talking during the scene when Bella, Edward, and Jasper were telling Jacob to carry Bella. Rob was like, "Edward doesn't...Edward understands her feelings." and Kristen's like " What Edward doesn't! He totally insensitive to her feelings." Rob says, "No Edward just tells her like it is." Then they were talking about more stuff it was just funny. At one point Rob was just ranting on about "All these women making you confused and then there's always some punk who wants to get all up in your business." Hahaha he is just spectacular, I can't even explain it lol.
I loved the commentary they are so cute together, if they hadn't mentioned it I would have thought that they were in the same room. I liked the part in the bedroom when he was saying that he says no to her and then he is like now I want too. Like he knocks down her confidence and then takes control and does it the way he wants ( not that I thinks knocking people's confidence is funny but just the way he said it) and also when he was discussing BD and saying he can't wait to see the imprinting and when he was talking bout the cheese burgers
No I know what you mean hahaha. I like the part when Kristen asked Rob so have you been preparing for BD and he was like "Yea. I'm all over that." and Kristen got really quite. I was hmm there seems to be a hidden message behind this lol.
"He just tells her like it is." It's like when they were talking about the mind reading, and how it doesn't come off properly on screen because it just looks like Edward is a know-it-all when really he's just already processed the information and is resolved, and Rob said "I'm just five steps ahead of the audience, all the time." LOL

I also love when Rob adds his own dialogue to the movie.
Bella: "Jake, stay."
Rob: "No, don't stay."
Jacob: "Why?"
Rob: "Yeah, why?"
Jacob: "Give me one good reason."
Rob: "There isn't one."
Rob: [speaks for Bella] "Becaue I'm a naive young girl. I wanna have it all!"

And when the Cullens are discussing who the intruder was.

Rob: I like how-- Why-- We only have two enemies! *laughs* It's like, 'It can't be Victoria. No way! No. Way.'
Kristen: Maybe it's the Volturi--
Rob: It can't be the Volturi either! Who is it?!

XD Oh man, I could go on and on, so I better stop there. lol
Yes lol! I loved those moments. Then it was one scene where Edward & Bella were laying in the bed.
Kristen was saying how her friend asked her they dont do it until marriage right. Then Rob's all like "Who cares! Why do people want these two kids to have sex. It's not promoting it, it story about two individuals. Their not stopping you from having sex." Hahaha I was cracki
Haha, yeah! So funny. Rob's a crack-up. :D
I like when instead of saying wolf, he says woof. And then when they kept saying Booboo and laughing, and then Kristen's like "I just realized we're making fun of his name, and that's not ok." lol

Oh yea. I was laughing so hard when he first said it.

Yes! You need it!
I really really hope the do the commenting for BD. I would love to hear it.


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