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Maybe they are. Its a good sign:):):)
They're not kissing
it's a hug,I'm pretty sure
But at least they hugged.:)
I agree completely with you! I hate the intrusiveness of these stalkerazzi capturing a private moment between them--kiss, hug, laugh, smile, whatever--and making it public. Part of love is respect--as a fan who adores Rob, I respect that he's asked fans to honor his right to privacy in his personal life.
He has every right to ask for people to leave his private life private. Its disgusting how the paprizzi lurks around corners or people try to make money off of pics they get cause they know that tabloids will pay for the pics and it's disgusting
I posted this discussion as I didn't know wether they were kissing or not and I wanted to know what other people's thoughts were on the subject. I am not saying that u r getting at me I am just pointing out why I put this discussion up.
you cant really see whats going on its all fuzzy but whats funny is that all the others are clear
to me it looked like they were practicing for breaking dawn. It kind of looked the house that the cullens are living in doesn't it to anyone else
I said it looks like they could be talking in each others ear
duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he would have said that they want it 2 b pivite
the paps need 2 mind there own bussiness. have been waiting ages for this


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