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Hello, So i just wanted to get opinions on this...Here is the story...Even sense Twilight when the perfect Edward Cullen came to place. He stared at Bella and Talk to her and wanted to get closer to her. In my imput i think that is really romantic, but everyone that i talked to said its just plain creepy...For other examples he watches her sleep, and never leaves her side. I LOVE that...once again i asked people what they thought...and they said its creepy! like i dont want someone watching me sleep? I always say to my friends "Where is my Edward?" and they all give me a look, like 'You actually want someone that creepy?' Of Course! He has that irresistible personality too him...i would deffiently want someone who acts like that. Oh! i almost forgot, another example is when he would die cause he thought she died (New Moon) i thought that was adorable how much he would do for her, but of course no one agreed with me on that. Am i the only one who thinks he is a total romantic or something? ****COMMENT!!!!*********

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I think he is romantic to a point , if I were to die I wouldn't want my love to kill himself just because I am no longer their. The other things I like about him and I think are romantic. Watching your loved one sleep is sweet except him sneaking into her room every night without her knowing it.

But when I read the twilight books I see some of the more creepy stuff as what he can't help but do since he is a vampire, and it wouldn't be as exaggerated with a normal human guy.

His personality is the greatest part I think since he has the chivalry and the almost father like protectiveness for Bella , plus the sweet way he does just about everything.

Soon or later he did tell her that he was watching her sleep and i was like awww! yeah his vampireness is unusal but he character cant be all that either cause then their really kinda wouldnt be a whole team edward team jacob thing...but thanks for agreeing! finally someone for once!

Edward definitely is a great romantic.  He is a gentleman and he respects Bella and he is very protective of her.  Maybe sometimes a little too much, but it is adorable.  Something great about Edward is the way he listens to Bella and wants to get to know her and her thoughts.  He cannot hear her thoughts like he hears other people's thoughts, and at night he can get to know her better when he hears her talking in her sleep.  Of course he also does it because he wants to be with her and protect her.  He is fascinated with her and wants to be with her as she is fascinated with him and wants to be with him, so she does not experience his behaviour as creepiness.  Being immortal or having such a long life would also give you a different perspective on love and life.  She changed his life so much that he did not want to go on without her.  It is  a sad and desperate act, but in this context, with his intensified feelings as a vampire who lived so long without that kind of love and then unexpectedly found it, it is romantic in a tragic way.  Anyone remember Romeo and Juliet?  At least they got to sort out that misunderstanding and get to be together forever.  What a romantic notion!

That is what i feel! he is such a romantic on so many levels! I want him (except the vampire part obviously) in real life! but no one wants that cause it is creepy! Have you seen The Notebook? Like where is the guy?? Anyway When people judge him for his 'actions'...its amazing to me how people see him compared to me. Hes perfectly imperfect (if that makes sense) The whole protection part makes me feel more connected to the love between them! He cant live without her <3 that is sooo cute! At least you see were i come from on this~

No, I thought that was romantic as well. I learned that not everyone is as romantic. Some people see it as loyalty and devotion. Others see it as creepy or maybe boarder line stalkerism. I loved how he was so protective of her. I wish we had men like that today.

thats what i think. i wish sooo too (:

I completely agree with you, Edward is very romantic. I´ve never read another book that describes someone sweeter or more protective than Edward. He loves Bella and would do anything for her, this isn´t creepy at all, I believe it´s merely true love. They love each other indefinitely, that´s why they want to spend eternity together, because they can´t spend a moment without thinking about each other and no period of time will ever be enough, that´s exactly the purpose of them having "forver" together.


Yes, he is protective but the people i talk to consider him more of a stalker and just creepy. i think he is 100% protective and romantic

I think that it is somewhat creepy, but then again. I would love to have my own Edward in my life, some one who will love me the way I am no matter what [then again, that's God] and would be a pure gentleman that would respect me, it's is really hard to find these days. So I'm somewhat in the middle about it.

It sounds like you want your own space then having someone so clingy /: Its okay though!



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