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Hello, So i just wanted to get opinions on this...Here is the story...Even sense Twilight when the perfect Edward Cullen came to place. He stared at Bella and Talk to her and wanted to get closer to her. In my imput i think that is really romantic, but everyone that i talked to said its just plain creepy...For other examples he watches her sleep, and never leaves her side. I LOVE that...once again i asked people what they thought...and they said its creepy! like i dont want someone watching me sleep? I always say to my friends "Where is my Edward?" and they all give me a look, like 'You actually want someone that creepy?' Of Course! He has that irresistible personality too him...i would deffiently want someone who acts like that. Oh! i almost forgot, another example is when he would die cause he thought she died (New Moon) i thought that was adorable how much he would do for her, but of course no one agreed with me on that. Am i the only one who thinks he is a total romantic or something? ****COMMENT!!!!*********

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i feel the same way

i do too.if he is watching me sleep to protect me i wouldnt mind..i always pray and hope for my edward cullen,my mr right so if my edward wants to act creepy i dont care as long as he loves me.but my edward dont kill yourself for me be happy so that i could rest in peace knowing your happy

Very well said (:

I think it's really adorable and romantic! Everyone should want someone like Edward, even if they aren't a fan. Everything Edward does in this movie I believe it is pretty cute when he watches her sleep because he watches over her like a guardian angel or something. I've always wanted someone who would absolutely die in place of me or die for me. If someone ever did that to me and I believed they were my Edward, I totally would think it's romantic!!!

true because there couldn't be a man like him out there anywhere.

I think the same way! Like Edward in my eyes was never creepy i always saw him a romantic

i think its cute hes really protective i mean if he wasnt would bella still be there?

Good point. Without Edward protection there is no bella

that is compleatly romantic, i mean i would want someone watching me while i sleep that is a good form of protection. and any man that protective is definetly my kind of man.

No I totally agree with you, and yes your not the only one all my friends think I am crazy but then i think to my self, why should i care what the think about me it my life, my decisions. I also think that Edward it the perfect guy that I'll die for to have hahahahaha. He's just so... i cant explain it but he's perfect

Hahahah and yeah i also ask my friends where is my Edward, and the look at me like, what the hell is wrong with her, but i don't care what they say. The point is that i fell in love with someone that may not exist in real life, but does in my dreams. Yes i may be crazy, but i don't really care XD  

Same with me girl. :) We need our Edward! My friends my friend look at me the same way.

Do you understand what "THE ONE" means, Edward is the one for Bella and he is romantic. do you remember in New moon when he left her alone, he actually didn't because he was the one who helped her whenever she would mess up, like when she went with a biker she did not know.


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