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Hello, So i just wanted to get opinions on this...Here is the story...Even sense Twilight when the perfect Edward Cullen came to place. He stared at Bella and Talk to her and wanted to get closer to her. In my imput i think that is really romantic, but everyone that i talked to said its just plain creepy...For other examples he watches her sleep, and never leaves her side. I LOVE that...once again i asked people what they thought...and they said its creepy! like i dont want someone watching me sleep? I always say to my friends "Where is my Edward?" and they all give me a look, like 'You actually want someone that creepy?' Of Course! He has that irresistible personality too him...i would deffiently want someone who acts like that. Oh! i almost forgot, another example is when he would die cause he thought she died (New Moon) i thought that was adorable how much he would do for her, but of course no one agreed with me on that. Am i the only one who thinks he is a total romantic or something? ****COMMENT!!!!*********

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It was when ever Bella was doing something dangerous or stupid. Edward was mostly in South America moping or trying to track Victoria, what Bella was seeing was herself imaging Edward. She remembered him more clearly when she was doing something dangerous/stupid,  she only saw him and remembered how he would protect her. 

Of course its not creepy! Its Edward Cullen, he is the most perfect guy ever. He could NEVER be creepy. When hes watching bella , watching her sleep, PRTECTING HER....its not just romantic, it shows the extent of his LOVE for her, you know.I'VE read Twilight about a hundred times and it always never fails to AMAZE me.The way he loves her every LOOK, every Touch its like theyve IMPRINTED. hOW COULD THAT BE CREEPY? if you've found your other half, youre soul mate...Trust me the people yove been talking about Twilight DONT understand, they dont see what we SEE, when we read or see Twilight.

P.s Youre not the ONLY one who thinks Edward is totally Romantic, also youve described my fav things about him- I LOVE THE WAY HE WATCHES HER SLEEP-Like hes dreaming about her vampire style!

I naver thought use other words to descride Edward,excepet romantic,handsome,cool and so on.I best-loved his smile.It's so fascinating. 

I 4 one agree with u, its romantoc, imagine if he didnt do all of that? Their relationship wouldve never worked out.  EDWARD IS ROMANTIC!!!!!! Amd that's that. End of story

No, you're not the only one. Although I'm in a kind of neutral place in this because it IS creepy, but also it's sweet and romantic. I mean people should stop and think, in every book Edward does so much to protect and love Bella, and it's not creepy. So, I completely agree with you. It's not creepy it's romantic. People who think otherwise just dumb enough to not realize it.

Renesmee, I totally agree with you. I would love a boyfriend like Edward, because its not creepy, its charming, its sweet and its adorable.

even though when I read the partial draft of midnight sun that Stephanie posted and got to the bit where he started watching her sleep it made me paranoid that someone was watching me sleep because, this coupled whit the fact that I had recently been listening to a song that had that lyrics " I'm looking through your window, oh, oh" I still love him dearly and passionately.

this love was intensified when I read the bit where he is watching her sleep and notices her shivering. then he goes and gets a thick blanket and puts it on her to warm her.

so sweet!!!!!

I think he was curious because he couldn't sleep and remember Bella talked in her sleep lol :-) I have and always will love Edward Cullen :-)


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