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In breaking dawn (book 1 bella, "unexpected") bella calls rosalie and says "Rosalie, it's Bella. I need you help." Did anyone ever imagine how that whole conversation went? Here is what I think happened:

Rosalie: Hello?

Bella: Rosalie, it's Bella. I need your help.

Rosalie: Oh it's you…

Bella: (starts crying) Rosalie please listen to me.

Rosalie: (sounds concerned) What's wrong? Is Edward ok?!?

Bella: He's fine. **sniff** I'm scared though… I think i might be... well...

Rosalie: What?

Bella: Pregnant.

Rosalie: How? You mean like with Edward?

Bella: I don't know how, but it's definitly with Edward. I'm scared Rosalie!!! He called Carlisle. We are leaving now. I though he was in a rush because he was worried about the baby, but he isn't!!!!
He said he could get that thing out of me! That "Thing!!!!" I know I didn't want kids, but i really love this one!

Rosalie: That selfish j******!!!!!! I will help you. Men don't understand. I'm sure Esme will help too. Don't worry Bella, I WON'T lt him hurt you!!!!!

Bella: Thank you so much… Edward is coming! Bye!

Edward walks in
Edward: Who were you talking to?

Bella: Myself, let's get going.

Tell me what you think and post you own!!!!!

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Pretty good version I would agree that's probably how it went. Wish they would of elaborated on that part a bit.

Ghaha ; I lovee the end ! ;)

I'm also wondering what the women said to Edward , When edward finds out she 's pregnant . Because Bella couldn't understand Edward or the women , 'cause they were speaking a strange language ^^

Yeah I forgot about that one. I am going to read the saga again after I finish Water for Elephants.
Stephenie meyer saya how the conersation would have gone in the special edition of the BD book.

A special edition ?

yeah it has a drawing on the on the inside cover of the book of what they are meant to look like and it also has a q&a and songs from a band called blue october.


This is what it says about the conversation

Tami:  What was the phone conversation between Bella and Rosalie like?

Stephenie:  I actually talked to someone today who had a reaction to that that I never expected.  She thought that Rosalie and Bella were going to take off and run away, and it was kind of a cool interpretation-I can see that.  But it went something like, Bella said to rosalie 'obviosly you've heard' and Rosalie is like, 'yeah'. I don't have a lot of time', Bella says.  Rosalie is very sullen at this point because here is Bella, getting what she wants again, and then Bella says, 'you have to help me.  And you have to help me keep this child alive.' And that was when Rosalie's whole perspective on Bella changed, and they made a very first agreement.  Snd when Bella and Edwad got home, Rosalie was ready.  She took over there.  It was a very short convesation, but it changed a lot about their relationship.

I LOVED that part!!!!!! Imma go read it again!
That's how i thought it went. Damn your good.
i like it i hope they show when bella ran to rosalie when they were at the airport in the movie i would love to see that and the look on everyone's face especially edward
Its really nice :)
well it's convincing but Rosalie would never say a word like 'j******'. but it's ****


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