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In breaking dawn (book 1 bella, "unexpected") bella calls rosalie and says "Rosalie, it's Bella. I need you help." Did anyone ever imagine how that whole conversation went? Here is what I think happened:

Rosalie: Hello?

Bella: Rosalie, it's Bella. I need your help.

Rosalie: Oh it's you…

Bella: (starts crying) Rosalie please listen to me.

Rosalie: (sounds concerned) What's wrong? Is Edward ok?!?

Bella: He's fine. **sniff** I'm scared though… I think i might be... well...

Rosalie: What?

Bella: Pregnant.

Rosalie: How? You mean like with Edward?

Bella: I don't know how, but it's definitly with Edward. I'm scared Rosalie!!! He called Carlisle. We are leaving now. I though he was in a rush because he was worried about the baby, but he isn't!!!!
He said he could get that thing out of me! That "Thing!!!!" I know I didn't want kids, but i really love this one!

Rosalie: That selfish j******!!!!!! I will help you. Men don't understand. I'm sure Esme will help too. Don't worry Bella, I WON'T lt him hurt you!!!!!

Bella: Thank you so much… Edward is coming! Bye!

Edward walks in
Edward: Who were you talking to?

Bella: Myself, let's get going.

Tell me what you think and post you own!!!!!

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who knows....they might actually put that in the movie.....just like when they showed in eclipse how the cullens went after the book edward only told bella what happend

I loved it. I always wondered about the conversation was between bella and rosalie. I wondered why she didnt write a conversation for them.
I would love to see how everyone looks when bella runs to rosalie in the airport too.

This is my version:


Rosalie: Hello?

Bella: It's Bella. I need your help.

Rosalie: What does the human need now, protection, a better vampire..

Bella: Rosalie, please listen. I think I'm.. I'm -sighs-

Rosalie: What?

Bella: I've been eating alot, crying a bit too much, sleeping too long, vivid dreams of a... wonderful newborn

Rosalie: Your pregnant?!

Bella: -gasps sadly- yes

Rosalie: You get what you want again, how bad.

Bella: I'm scared, and worried. Edward is just going crazy.

Rosalie: -says in a strained voice- What's.. wrong.. with... him.?

Bella: He's fine, he's worried about the baby, but not in the way I though.

Rosalie: What do you mean?

Bella: I thought he was worried about the baby in general, but he really just want the "thing" out! The "thing"


Rosalie: It's a real life baby, you'll give birth to, right?

Bella: Yes, why?

Rosalie: Err, no reason.

Bella: Well, I was wondering if you could, err, help?

Rosalie: Ofcourse, I love my brother, but he's being an idiot!

Rosalie: I will protect you, Esme will too.

Bella: Thanks so much. You've been a big help.

Bella: Edwards coming!

Edward comes in

Edward: Who were you talking to?

Bella: No one..

Edward: Okay.., we've got to go now.

Bella: -sniffles softly-  Fine

Wow that was awesome


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