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Who were you more mad at in BD. Rosalie because she didn't care if Bella died or Jacob for being such a jerk about the baby (Renesmee) and then ending up imprinting on her.

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hey guys i just gotta say i was more mad at Rosalie because Jacob hated the baby because it was killing Bella but Rosalie didn't care about what happened to Bella at all. She didn't care about anyone's feelings but her own
First rose did care if bella died read between the lines she wouldent of looked after her if she dident she was following bellas orders protecting her protecting the baby if they had gotten rid of the baby they would of have to get rid of bella to rember it wassent an ordanerry baby half vampire bella wouldent be able to take tabblets to get rid

and for jacob i dont like him all to gether even though he is fit
First off No Rosalie isnt concerned maybe you should read Breaking Dawn again... Rosalie makes a huge speech about the baby and Bella which makes even edward want to spring on her! This is also where Jacob takes the metal "Fido" bowl that Rosalie made for him and he chucks it at the back of her head page 303 an I quote "The baby, the baby. Like that was all that mattered. Bella's life was a minor detail to her- easy to blow off." there is no reading between the lines Rosalie didnt care at all for Bella since day one and now bella had a baby that she had always wanted takin care of her to get the baby out safely waas her only concern...please read the book again
i would get mad more to rosalie.. :) i mean why would she want bella's baby anyway?? and why wouldntshe care about bella's condition?? she is kinda weird about that...
I was mad at both really. I was mad at Rosalie for the simple fact that she didn't care about bella dying. I was mad at Jacob because he was being a jerk about the WHOLE situation about bella being pregnant.


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