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Who were you more mad at in BD. Rosalie because she didn't care if Bella died or Jacob for being such a jerk about the baby (Renesmee) and then ending up imprinting on her.

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I wouldn't say I was mad at either... They both had there reasons... Rose didn't care either way live or die for Bella... She wasn't rooting for her to die though and Jacob didn't like Nessie because he didn't understand what the baby was and what it ment to Bella and himself... Jacob hated Nessie becasue he Loved Bella.
i would have to agree with u even though I don't like that he imprinting on Nessie. I was hoping it was a vampire that came to witness or someone else I think it would have made it a lot less weird.
I was actually really mad at both. Rosalie didnt deserve bellas baby AT ALL cause she didnt care if bella lived or not yet jacob was being a total jerk about how the baby was killing bella and he just went on and on. well when he imprinted i was mad cause u cant just fall in love with some1 you hated so much. it doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I completely agree with u! It makes me so angry that rosalie was so unconcerned about Bella just the baby and I really wish Bella got ahold of Jacob after she found out he imprinted on her baby why did Seth have to step in the way? Jacob is so Juevinille like going to Charlie just because he doesnt want them to leave with Renesmee Really how selfish!
He didn't no he was going to imprint on her... He didn't call her an IT after he imprinted on her
Jacob only because I understood about Rosalie.
Its funny that im no longer mad at both^^..actually i find them hilarious at BD i understand them more and i think they were just victims of unwanted we might just give different interpretations on these two..the imprinting is so funny to me..its like you pee on a place and you claims it your teritory^^
I was mad at both. Rosealie was selfish and Jacob was awfull.
When you look closely at both the charecters,they both have a point to their fights. Rosalie has spent all life struggling to be a vampire,she wanted human experiences and so she supported Bella. On the other hand,Jacob loved Bella so he obviously hated Rosalie's attitude. He hated everything that hurt Bella. So,I wasnt mad at either one.
The thing about Rosalie is that I honestly don't feel she would accept anything if she wouldn't do it herself. So regarding Bella's death, Rosalie was accepting that Bella's life was over for this child, as Rosalie believed it was right that this child be born--and she, herself, would accept her fate if she were in Bella's place, for the baby. As XOEdwardXO said, she wasn't rooting for Bella to die. And, then, the fact that having a child--Rosalie's most desired wish that she's spent her entire vampire existence pained and broken over--could still come true by some miracle (even if it wasn't her child, it was still a child of their family)... If a dream that you never thought you would ever have a chance at having again was just inches from your grasp, it would make you a little desperate, and, in the process, a little selfish.

As for Jacob, all he knew was the girl he loved was dying because of the half-vampire baby inside her. The 'thing' in her was unheard of and the only information they had on it was that it was hurting Bella and killing her--those usually aren't signs of something good. Even Edward called Renesmee "it" before he understood everything; they were being driven by fear, anger, and frustration. It's understandable. The imprinting thing between Jacob and Renesmee...I really don't like, but Jacob had no control over it. You can hate the fact he imprinted (like I do), but you can't hate the poor boy for something he didn't choose.

Both had more to their story, so I wasn't mad at either. A little annoyed at some parts, certainly; but not mad.
@ Hypnotize, I agree with you sista.. It just like misunderstanding. I myself kinda like with Rosalie caracter,she's like that only because she wanted something but sadly she would never have it. She,in my view,also doesnt want Bella die, she care for Bella too,but Rosalie is Rosalie,she doesnt want look fragile infront of people.

As for Jacob,another misunderstanding here. Yeah, Jacob wanted to kill the 'thing' too when 'it' still inside Bella because he think 'the thing' only make Bella pain and Jacob can stand it!!! But yeah, the imprinting thing is really weird, and sadly,Jacob imprinting to Renesmee...
jacob. bt by just a tad more.


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