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Okay, I was on twitter the other day, and there was a link about kristen and rob, so I clicked on it. you'll never believe what I saw! kristen and rob were leaving..somewhere, I honestly forgot. But when they were in the limo, Rob tried to kiss kristen but she pulled away.

I just want to know if anyone else saw that clip, and what they think of it. I'll post it if you guys want me too?

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post the link so I can see what you mean... I have heard that Kristen doesn't like public display of affection.. If she thinks someone is even remotely watching she gets tensed and isn't very responsive...
yeah, okay. hold on, let me look for it....
hold on there's more..
I saw that its nice the are trying to keep their relationship pirivate but now its jus like tell us and be done with it we already know

Look, you don't have to get disrespectful, it wasn't gossip it was a video clip.

it's like you're trying to make it seem like we're trying to bash them or something. All I'm trying to do, is see if anyone else has seen the video. obviously people are interested in it. if you have a problem with that..maybe you shouldn't have joined this community! (no disrespect intended)

it's okay :)
that's the video.
Aww they are so cute. I think she only pulled away because she thought somebody would see and welp, she was right lol.
haha, yeah, for some reason i always get a feeling in my stomach whenever I think they're dating. it's called jealousy!lol :)
yeah, I don't know if they were doing it for public or...


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