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Okay, so I'm TRYING to rewrite Little Red Riding Hood, because obviously I love writing. It's my talent and deepest passion ♥ And there are so many possible twists on who the *Big Bad Wolf* is. So far I've only got some of the story figured out, but of course, not the twist. The reason she gets the red cloak is because her and her father are walking to "Grandmothers" house and come across a Mother wolf. Red Riding Hood sees the pups in a little din but doesn't say nothing because she's afraid her dad will kill the pups. The father does kill the mother however because it tries to attack them. (But he still never sees the pups)

  Little Red then decides to take care of the puppies and the only one who knows about it is her grandmother. She sneaks out to the 'din' everyday and feeds them. The pups always tare her dresses with their sharp teeth and claws (Not on purpose) So her grandmother decides to make her a thick cloak that won't get tore. So that's how the cloak becomes part of her. She ends up taking care of the pups while they both grow to be older. (Red then becomes like 15 instead of like 11- She was 11 when she found the wolf puppies) 

  So now I ask for your help! I needa twist. Who's the wolf? Does Red herself turn into *the big bad wolf*?? Thanks for all your help!! & Feel free to ask any questions cause I know I didn't explain it to good. Thanks!

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Okay, so will the pups become big bad wolves themselves or do they become ordanary wolves? Maybe if the pups do become the big bad wolves themselves and when the pups grow older and one day, BOOM!!! one of the pups bites Red and she herself becomes a Big Bad Wolf. You don't have to listen to me, but i like to give help.

I was planning on them just becoming ordinary wolves, but I like that idea! I think I might make Red an assissan, because she'll have great skills from being with the wolves so much?? But It's kinda weird, but it'll be in like 1608, but I'm still looking for some better ideas! & Thanks!!

If they become ordanary wolves maybe theirs a Daddy wolf looking for revenge?

Yeah, I think that's a good concept ♥ Thanks

Hey... I just wanted to say that you seem really passionate about this. And me being a writer myself ( You should join and follow me Tora Brown) anyway, if you want a Big Bad Wolf you should make the father wolf come looking for his children. And you know he finds out that the mother has been murdered and now he wants revenge. But instead of killing the father he wants the father to feel his pain of losing his loved one... so he decided to kill Little Red Riding hood. In the end of course he fails, because Little Red has picked up skills from the wolves and she has help from one of the baby wolves who stayed loyal to her. The others decided to help their father.

Oh my gosh, I love that Idea!! And yes I am very passionate about writing, everybody has a talent and I found mine in writing ♥ I'm glad that you see how much I love writing, it's just something amazing and it's were I get to be myself and live out my dreams (: But anyways, I love the idea and might actually use it!! Thanks for all your help, usually I just make it all up as I go along and it turns out good! But It's kinda like a mystery and with a mystery you have to know exactly everything before the first paragraph is even writen cause you have to leave clues!! But Thanks SO SO SO much (: 


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