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OK Seiously!... Who the heck is Rob dating!.. I think he and Kristen Belong together!


Who do you think he is dating?.. or.. who do you know he dating.......





<-- Ok he is a millionair.. why is he wearing such aweful black jeans!?

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I don't really know but I hope its Kristen, I too think they belong together.
i have NO idea its driving me NUTS!!
um hes not dating any one................................... he is engaged to kristen stewart............ lol but im happy for him(as much as i wish i was kristen right now....)
He is NOT ENGAGED to ANYONE, and not Kristen Stewart !!1 Rumor, Rumor, Rumor.
THOSE r rumors he aint engaged!
No its trtue!!!! im seriouse! he and Kristen r engaged so sorry.....(i think ur jealouse.....)>:)
Why does it matter? Rob doesn't belong with Kristen just because the fans want the actors who play Edward and Bella to end up together. Rob isn't Edward in real life and Kristen isn't Bella. They have totally different personalities than the characters so why would anyone assume they belong together?

He only belongs with Kristen if they like each other and make each other happy. We know for sure that they're friends because they hang out together in real life, but we don't have proof of anything else because if they are dating, they obviously want to keep it between themselves and don't feel like it's the business of a gazillion nosy onlookers. As long as they're happy, why should it matter to anyone else?
well said shannon :)
its non of our busniess but u gotta still wonder :P
have you seen the pics taken on the Isle of Wight at New Years? The same little girl posing with Rob and then Kristen separately? It does make you wonder, she flew all the way to England to spend New Year with her "friend"

But if they are dating, until they decide to go public I just want to respect their privacy.
:) they are private people and who can blame them really i see your point if it was the other way around we wldnt want the world trying to pry!
You're totally right Shannon !! Though many fans wish they were together, it's so silly, there not
Edward and Bella!! Personally I think they are together, and I like it that they keep it private. It is hard enough with all the media and paparazzi. I just wish them all the happines. It makes me sad sometimes to see that they have to hide just to do the things normal people do !


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