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Before I started reading the fifty shades of Grey trilogy I read an article that was asking if he and Kristen Stewart should play the parts of Christian and Ana.  As I was reading it I was picturing their faces as the characters and I think because of their on screen chemistry they could pull it off.  I could also see Ryan Gosling playing the part too.  What do you think?  Can you think of anyone else that could play these parts?

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I never read or heard of it...but ill look into it. But seeing rob and kris play lovers will just make twi hearts fall in love with the saga all over but ryan is sexy too

From what I've heard, Fifty Shades of Grey is pretty different than Twilight. It's alot more racy. It would kind of kill the characters of Twilight's Edward and Bella to have Rob and Kristen do a movie that would be reminiscent of Twilight, but be so different. I still want to think of Edward and Bella, even though they're married, as innocent. Even their love scenes in Breaking Dawn honeymoon scenes were innocent, precious scenes. Them playing the totally different characters, yet in similar situations would ruin it for me.

I would  like to see a naked Robert Pattinson lol. I didn't get enough in twilight.  For some reason I pictured these 2 as I read it.

I ahve read the books, & from what I have read on EL James's facebook page, she wrote the books based on Edward & Bella's charaters...the draft version is suppose to be on this site somewhere!


The books were originally written as an alternate universe twilight fan fiction. There was much controversy about it but since the only similarity to the saga was Edward and bellas names, so once they were changed it really had no ties to it.

^^^ I've read all three, and there are some pretty strong similarities, but you have to look for them. The female in FSOG is clumsy, unsure of herself, pale, brunette, etc, and the man is Edward's exact physical description, he is pretty controlling, and he has the uncanny ability to seem to always know what the girl is thinking, even though in Twilight, Edward can't read Bella's thoughts.


The books are very racy. There is a lot of sexual activity, etc, but in all honesty, I can't see anyone besides Robert Pattinson playing Christian Grey. I would prefer someone besides Kristen to play Anastasia Steele, though. I'm just not a huge KStew fan.

I have read that alot of people are saying that Ian sommerhalder should play him but he is in his early thirties and could not get away with playing him.  I think anyway.

Yeah, Ian Somerhalder is all over the part, but in my opinion, he's UGLY and TOO OLD. He doesn't look at all like Christian Grey is described, except he has nice eyes. I just don't think it's a fit at all, and I really hope he doesn't play him.

I once again am on the late train for reading fifty shades, I am just half way through the second book..of course my first choice would be Rob because I love him so much but not sure if would do it because of the what the following would be. I read many articles and interviews that he does and he always mentions that he would like to have a some normality in his life    without having 25 bodyguards at all If he were to do fifty shades he would need triple security. So my next choice would definately be Henry Cavill...yup he would be a great Christian.

Ok, so NOW ive read all three FIFTY SHADES BOOKS....and I LOVE IT! Can I see Kristen playing Ana? Yes! Can I see Rob? Yes and No. christen is very very very Dom. Eric Northman from True blood could pull it off completly. And for those who have not read al 3 fifty shades books. It is TWILIGHT WITH ALOT OF SEX!! It wad a fan fic

In what ways can you see Rob playing it and which way can you not?  I am reading them again for the 4th time.

I can see rob being ana's poor fifty shades as she would call him. The sad damaged man...
And the super Stalker because Edward is a super duper stalker/ control freak.
I loved rob husband looks exactly like him lol.
But I cant see him in the sex scenes being Dom.
Eric from true blood would be perfect for the sex scenes though ummm mm
And in all honesty robs body doesnt fit the book. Face, contacts, and hair yes...body no.


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