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Before I started reading the fifty shades of Grey trilogy I read an article that was asking if he and Kristen Stewart should play the parts of Christian and Ana.  As I was reading it I was picturing their faces as the characters and I think because of their on screen chemistry they could pull it off.  I could also see Ryan Gosling playing the part too.  What do you think?  Can you think of anyone else that could play these parts?

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I think I just want to see Rob with his clothes off again MMMMMM YUM lol

Me too! lol. I think Rob could do the Dom thing really well, though. Like that's why I thought he would be such a good CG.

I know wot u mean lol

I agree. I think Rob could nail the character. He apparently did a good job with Cosmopolis, and I don't really see how the attititude would be much different for CG except for when he falls in love, and we already know he does love very well.


Personally, I don't think Kristen is really a good actress (sorry, I know I'll probably be shunned for saying that, but just my opinion), and I don't envision Ana as her.


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