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Okay, so i bet a lot of you know that Kristen cheated on Robert with Rupert, right?

and i bet most of you heard they got back together...should they? i want them to but many are saying no cause she cheated...i was also looking at magazines and the cover of one of them said they were having "sex theropy" i dont want to believe that but it was on a well known magazine. What do you guys think they should do with there relationship? Stay <3 or Break </3

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I think Break </3 Now the magazines in Shoprite close to where I live at are all saying Kristen cheated on Rob more than once with her first ex, Rupert, Some other guy and...TAYLOR!! She's also pregnant but it's not Rob's baby and she humiliated him by saying he's lousy in bed...-.- That got me mad...I'm so glad I didn't read the inside I probably would've ripped it and have to pay for it .

oh my goshh!!!! how could she do that to Rob? he is lousy....oh please...why does she keep cheating she is just making people not like her. i dont know she claimed she loved rob...and i saw the pregnant thing too!! she did know if the father was rob or rupert..thats gross cause she just admitted she has sex with rupert.

EW . !!! D: I DIDN`T HEAR THAT . !!! HE'S OLD ENOUGH TO BE HER DAD . !!! GROSSS . !!! :X AND TO THINK SHE USED TO BE MY ROLE MODEL?! NUH UH!! NO WAY . !!! NOW I`M MAD . !!! HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO HIM . ?! Poor Rob :( She only got back with him to promote the movie >:( Gosh I hate her now . !!!! Everytime girls have mean guys they start crying and telling their friends and familys "I never find a nice guy" and when they get a nice guy they do something like this then they most likely turn into one of those mean guys to not seem weak . !! Rob was one of those nice guys and Kristen might've ruined that . !!! I feel like hitting someone .

HAHAHA!!!! i knoww rightt???? thats a bit strange...samee!!! i use to look up to her! i mean its ROBERT PATTINSON!! how could she??? its unbelieveable!! i went shopping yesturday and there was a magazine and it said that she is having a baby and the father is Robert!! she doesnt desevre to have a baby with sorry but seriously?

>:( still mad . !!! she doesn`t deserve him . !!!! I HOPE ROB OPENS UP HIS EYES SOON AND RELIAZES THAT . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:/p>

omggg...shes pregnant :O not lieing!

I don't understand why people has put them one a pedestal. They both are human and will make mistakes. It is not up to me or anyone else to decide if they should stay together. It is their decision and theirs alone.

yes i know i was just asking what you guys thought about it (:


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