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It is a very helpless sight when you look at a twilight fan and a harry potter fan fighting as to which book is better...anyway to solve it? I am a EXTRA- OBSESSED Twilight fan and my friends and me constantly get into fights as to which book is better...Twilight or Harry Potter. Most of the time, its Harry Potter as twilights rival but percy jackson turns up a few times Too!

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They are so different I don't think it is necessarily fair to compare them. But I think it says what type of Genre you  might prefer.

I prefer love and romance mixed in with some action and not a lot of sadness.

So Twilight is my favorite

But if I liked action and death I would prefer HP. I just never felt like I got enough of the inner working of the relationships for my own personal taste with HP.


With all that said, I really love both series, I just prefer Twilight for my own personal preferences,

I luv both the series ... thy r so different nd i think there s no need to compare both d books ...
They are all good books, But my all time favorite is the Twilight Saga. Harry Potter is second. I don't know about Percy Jackson yet. I'll let you know.
Nope Twilight should be in a class of their own. It has nothing to do with the other movies.
It's not fair to compare any book to any other book, regardless of genre or what audience it's directed at. It's all about your personal preference. And because everybody is different, if you try to argue which book is better, no side will ever win.
That is true, but you do compare books when someone ask you what is a good book to read without realizeing that you did.

Yes, you're right. I guess what I meant was, it's not fair to compare the books you like to the books other people like. If someone asks for your opinion on a what you think a good book is, then they are asking knowing that it will be a book in your personal taste, and they take the risk of not liking it. But they aren't fighting you about it, and telling you your opinion is wrong. If that starts, that's where it gets pointless. :D

Ok. Sorry. Your right.
Hmmm..true..But nowadays its the biggest fight after team Edward and Team Jacob...Anyways..Thanx for the replies and suggestions! :-) I myself prefer Twilight though I love Harry Potter too...:-)
I love Twilight too. Team Edward Rocks.
I like both( Harry Potter and Twilight). I love twilight the most though.
they are all good in their own ways...considering I've only read TWILIGHT SAGA and haven't read HARRY POTTER for personal reasons...I could see why PERCY JACKSON would be considered a rival...both are based on myths/legends...I haven't read PERCY JACKSON either, but, I understand the plot line...I think it would probably be hard to say because all 3 are well, I guess you could say that I'm in the Switzerland( as Bella said in TWILIGHT, being neutral) category.


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