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So i heard that stephenie was going to write the books from edwards POV and im just wondering if thats true? And is she going to write anymore books after breakind dawn?

Is it true

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as far as I heard, she is not even sure when she is going to finish Midnight sun. I doubt she is thinking about any more books from Edward sight. ofcource, I would really enjoy to read how Edward is leaving thriugh the story, but we are stuck with what we have and should be happy about that
No, it's not true. She has actually said there is no way she could write New Moon from Edward's POV since it would be just too depressing. You can read her comments about finishing Midnight Sun on this site, from the main page just follow the link for the questions and answers from November (right before NM hit theatres). The question about MS is the last one she answers.

She has also said that she will not write anything more beyond Breaking Dawn, and if she writes more in the saga it would not focus on the Cullens.


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