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I really hope they can work thru it.  I feel sorry for Rob and his wife and kids.  I hope she learns from this mistake and never makes it again if he does take her back.  How stupid was she.  She must know by now the paps follow her everywhere.

It is not uncommon in hollywood for affairs and the fact remains most relationships between celebraties only avarage of six months to five years.  Kristine is a good person who just made a bad decision we all do that in life.  She is still a good actress and rob is a sweet guy.  I feel bad for Rob too and for Kristine but life goes on.  When you are in the spot light as a star or singer, sports figures whatever you do privately or publically the press and tabloids are going to get you caught in some act that is the risk you take being celebrity. They follow you everywhere.  I still love the books and movies and the actors in the movies of Twilight Saga.  Let's give the privacy they need to iron out their differences and get over their problems.  Let's love them!

"I'm very shock when i read that's news about kstew cheat our's so hurt..but i still can't hate kstew..i hope kristen is very sorry..i hope robsten is unbroken forever like bella and edward.. :'("

Yes. What everyone need to remember though, she is only twenty one and may have realized she may not be as ready as she thinks to be tied down yet. I hope they can work it out but from what they say Rob can not stand a cheater. Hopefully they love one another enough that they will work through this little hiccup. They say Rob was about to propose to her in the next few days too. Hopefully people can wait to pass judgement because it takes two to tango. Hopefully they can get some help to help them get pass this and if their love is meant to be it will be. Love Rob!!!!! don't know why she cheated though

They say that she publicly apologised. Has anyone seen or heard what she said to him if so please post it.

yes,I was disappointed when I heard that Kristen cheated on Rob but people do make mistake and I hope that Kristen is sorry for what she did.  I just want them to get back together.  Rob some times you have to forgive the one you love espeically if the love is true.  Kristen is still young but she should have not cheated on you.  I just hope that you can work it out with her Rob.

It is sad what happened between Kristen and Rob.I do hope they can work things out.Tracy

It hurts to hear about this! Cause i think Rob and Kris makes a really nice couple. I really really hope they will work it out and promise not to make such mistakes anymore!!

i was pretty sad to find out that kristen cheated on rob.... but on the bright side he is SINGLE now! :] well when, she said sorry 57% of the peolple said it wasnt true!

I have been reading so much now since this media storm has been unleashed.  I just do not know what to believe anymore.  I am truly obsessed with what is happening and my heart goes out to both of them.  I know Rob was the person who was hurt the most but Kristen is going thru something too.  I just cannot understand why she would do something like this and I think Rob needs anwsers more then we do.  It is all up to him and whatever he decides I will support.

i think every one is bieng very stupid about this kristen mayed a mistake so what y is every one hating on her like that i wasnt much of a fan of krestins but after seeing how every one was treating her i actuly became a fan of hers

and i think rob should give her a nother chance every one deservis a second chance they should work things out and get back together i mean is it worth it to break up a allmost perfect relashion shep over something stupid like a littel mistake k
like that im not saying what krissten did was ok but i think she deservis a nother chance .imean i even heard they were planing to get maried in the end they r a ment to be couple and should work there problems out and get back to gether i love rob and i know krissten is the one for him so rob u should give krissten a second chance and kirrestin u should lern from ur mistakes and u should know that rob is the one for u SO ROB KRESSTIN PLEASE GET BACK TO GETHER I WOULD HATE TO SEE U GUYS BREAK UP FOR GOOD
and in the i will sport what ever rob choces to break up or to make up


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