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I was at work last night and me and the rest of the nurses got into a discussion on Twilight. I just wanted to know to know how many of you read the books, way before the movie came out??? We were talking about how many fans Twilight has, and some people havent even read the books at all. Wheather or not you never have or you have I'm not here to make judgement.

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i read ALL the books in like, 2006, then in 2008, when the first Twilight movie came out, i was like "OMG!!! its out! its finally out!"
i was jumping around like crazy because i almost forgot abt the book
what do you expect? 2 years of waiting around...
i have,but i hated the thought of twilight before i read anything,i thought ""ughhh stupid twilight!"" anytime i saw a poster then i was at the library one day then i decided that ppl love them lets give them a try then i was hooked then i watched eatch movie after the book except eclipse i saw it at midnight,it toke me a month to read the first book then a couple weks for new moon then,2 days for eclipse i was soo hooked and only 2 days i read non stop litaly,apart from sleeping..i am a true fan! im IN love with edward cullen,
3 things i am postive of
1.he was a vampire.
2.there was a part of edward thats thirst for my blood and i didnt now how potent that mite be.
3.i was patiotly and irravocbly in love with him
and thats from me-and bella-
That was our discussion, about how people can be fans of the movies and have not read the books. To me the movie are sparknotes of the books. its just weird to me how people can say they love Twilight when they havent opened a book. You have to fall in love with the books to fall in love with the characters, and to really understand their personalities
Well, no, I hadn't read the books before the movies came out, at least not Twilight. But I hadn't seen the movie before I read all the books either.

A few years ago, when I was going back to school and doing my undergrad, I got sucked into the Potter craze. My boss at the time and all my college friends were reading it, and I ended up reading it too even though I had papers due and was busy at work and had no time. I stayed up all night reading Potter instead of sleeping. So when Twilight came out, I was busy in school and work and family and just decided there was no way I was getting sucked in by another craze like I had with Potter, and I resisted all the urging from my boss that I "had to read" the books because she just knew I'd love them.

So all four books were out and I had no intention of reading them and only a mild interest in seeing the movie (I was a Rob fan and knew he was in it.) Then last year my 80 year old mother-in-law sent Twilight home for me and said I just had to read it because she'd just finished it and knew I'd love it as much as she did! So finally, because I love my mum-in-law (and wanted to be able to show up to family gatherings) I read Twilight. I was halfway thorugh and gave in and bought all the books because I had to know what happened next, and read them all in a four day period.

After I'd read the books, then of course I had to see the movie!! I've been hooked ever since, have read the books more than a dozen times and have watched Twi and NM more times than I can count.

Now my sweetie, he's 54 and he does not read. Ever. Not one book in ten years I've known him. But he loves the movies! And he's watched them with me a gazillion times and asks all sorts of questions and buys me Edward posters and the soundtracks and things. Thanks to Twilight he loves Paramore, and he's a smooth jazz kind of guy. So, I'd say he's a fan, he saw New Moon 5 times with me at the show and has seen Eclipse 3 times already, including once in IMAX. Half the time, when we watch one of the movies at home it's because he's suggested it. So I consider him a fan (and he does too) even though he's never cracked the books open. I've explained (and he's read many of the discussions I'm in on this site) the things that are different from the movies and what impact those things have on the story. I actually think he gets it better than some of my Twi friends do. It's just, he's one of those types of guys who will never read these or any books because he can't sit still long enough to read anything! I don't hold that against him, it's just how he is. To me, he's still a fan (though not obsessed like I am).
nice story.....i loove the books :)
and i think the ppl who just watch the movies..arnt obsessed the the book worms r...
I did (: x
I stumbled up Twilight the movie and enjoyed it so when and bought the book....LOVED it and quickly bought/read the rest of the Saga...saw New Moon on DVD...went to see ECLIPSE in the theaters...OME....Edward(Rob) on the big screen was awesome....wish I had seen the first two that way..
i first saw Twilight and then read the books, but i've read them quite a few times
I have, and I have to say that the books are WAY better than the movies.

I read all the books (Fall 09), including Midnight Sun. I checked the first movie out from the library afterward. I watched New Moon after it came out, then went to see Eclipse last weekend, and I read Bree Tanner last week before Eclipse came out.

I wish they would have made the movies exactly like the books, even if it would have taken all day to watch one movie.

I think the directors messed up Edward's character a little in the first movie where he saves Bella from James. It really bothered me that they added the drama of the "You're killing her!" into the scene. I thought that was insulting to Edward's character. The actors did a great job; I think the screenwriters were the ones that were at fault with the movie deficiencies.

As a general rule, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie. (The Notebook was the only movie I've seen come as close to a book as possible.) However, as I read the Twilight series, I saw the faces of the actors from the movie in my head, because the trailers had already been played on TV before I read the books. I am glad I read the books first, though! It's why I refuse to see many other movies that are out now (or coming out), like Dear John, Water for Elephants, Eat Pray Love, etc. My mind can create a world much better than any director can attempt to recreate.
I saw Twilight first, fell completely in love with the movie, so I bought the books. I refused to even watch New Moon before I was done reading the book first. I noticed during the Eclipse movie, alot of people were shocked at alot of scenes. I was like wow, have any of these people read the books?? And I have actually ran into some people who haven't read the books at all, haven't seen Twilight, but they HAVE seen New Moon. I'm like wow!
i read twilight after the movie and then continued with the rest of the collection and finished reading the series in a week.


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